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  1. 1 hour ago, Drake_Mallard said:

    Has to be the Japanese influence. I wonder how many of the men and women on the Japanese world teams have a base in judo.... probably a lot of cross over.

    It is.  It's a state sport in Hawaii with the Hawaii HS Athletic Association.

    I can tell you that A LOT of the Japanese men and women have judo experience.  When the Japanese wrestling federation first started the womens program, they recruited from the Womens Judo programs.

  2. 12 hours ago, MadMardigain said:

    True. She was a contender.  Is her sister still involved at all?  Haven’t heard much since Teshya left the sport.  

    Yeah, it's too bad.  She was definitely a contender.  She had just won Sr. Nationals.

    I haven't heard much about Teniya.  The last I remember she had lost in the Olympic Trials qualifier last year in the 62kg consolation bracket.

  3. The Terao brothers.

    Just remember that almost anybody from Hawaii has judo experience if they also wrestle.

    Female wrestlers: 

    -Clarissa Chun(5x Jr National Judo champion)

    -Victoria Anthony(She almost ALWAYS uses an inside trip she learned from Judo in her senior matches)

    -Teshya Alo(too bad she's had kids now and not wrestling any more). 6x Fargo champion, Cadet WC, National Judo Champ, etc..

  4. 6 hours ago, ShakaAloha said:

    This is a good point.  Furthermore, if Dake beats Burroughs to make the Olympic Team at 74, this (Burroughs vs. Valencia) is going to be the wrestle-off to make the US team for the "consolation" world championships at the non-Olympic weight of 79kg.

    James Green would probably be in the mix there as well as the other guys who don't get the 74kg spot.  Should be really interesting.

  5. 2 hours ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Cael's older brothers (Anthony and Zahid) were both bluechip recruits.  Only one of them panned out under Zeke.  I don't know the family like you do, but if I were Cael Valencia...why would you follow them to ASU when one of them has yet to AA (Anthony) and the other got suspended and couldn't wrestle last year (Zahid)?

    Zahid did wrestle last year....he was the NCAA Champion.  He also wrestled this past season 2019-2020 and was suspended in February.

  6. 1 minute ago, hammerlockthree said:

    What a cowardly and nonsensical comment....

    Burroughs is never gonna wrestle Taylor again, so he can run his mouth all he wants and never have to back it up.

    Additionally Taylor bumped up, beat the second best guy on earth twice, and won worlds.....what a stupid decision! He should have stayed down to make sure Burroughs didn't make an mean tweets in 3 years. 

    Did something he couldn't put on Twitter spur this comment? Is Burroughs working up to a match with Taylor and testing the waters with Valencia? I tend to doubt that, but I have no idea why Burroughs would wrestle Valencia in the first place.

    It's something called $

  7. More than likely he's locked in at ASU.  You never know, but Richie Figueroa is also probably going there as well.  Richie wouldn't have filmed that promo for Flo AT Ruben Valencia's house with Zahid, Anthony, Aaron Pico, Cael and Cade Olivas if he wasn't leaning that way.  I know he was probably down in So Cal training for Who's #1, but he could have trained back at Selma if he wanted to.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Maximus Meridius said:

    The article says “the bout will take place at a catch weigh between 74 and 86 kg.”

    Ah, ok.  That would make more sense.  I'm sure Burroughs is closer to 79 kg and Zahid was wrestling at 79kg in senior events.

  9. 8 hours ago, Bronco said:

    According to this website story from 2 days ago.  One of nine announced new additions to the Little Rock wrestling team is Gabe Beyer from Tallahassee, FL - who has been on a church mission for the last two years but was committed to Arizona State out of high school.


    Had to go somewhere.  He wasn't going to beat out Colton for the spot.  Good for him.

  10. 1 hour ago, TexRef said:

    I never said that Lou WAS interested in him. I said that Lou MIGHT be interested if he can go 165. 

    But if Cael WAS going to go 165, why would you think he MIGHT leave ASU when Zahid is a better training partner than Helfin?

  11. 1 hour ago, TexRef said:

    Lou might be interested if Cael can go 165. Plus his former teammate Justin Thomas is on the team at 157. They have Nick Heflin working with the bigger guys but there may be a change as they are bringing on Sam Hazewinkel to work with the lighter guys. 

    Biological brothers > former teammates.  Especially when one of the brothers(Zahid) is a 2x NCAA Champ, probably would have been a 3 timer and as a wrestler, is way better than Helfin was.

  12. 1 hour ago, Sstern said:

    I like Zahid and was stunned by the reason for his suspension.  If true, how does a college justify  locking him up long term with a position at the school?

    Not necessarily a coaching position.  I meant him training at the Sunkist RTC.

  13. 4 hours ago, TobusRex said:

    Seems like an excellent opportunity for a team with higher goals to improve. Lou Roselli should offer Zahid an assistant coaching job to work with the upper-middles/upper weights. After securing Zahid's services the Sooners should find it a snap to recruit Cael. Provided, of course, he's as good as people are saying. Too many times I've seen guys like those triplets at OU who never even achieved mediocrity in college.

    Cael is good, but didn't break through for the state title.  He's lost to Jaden Abas(Stanford) and Andrew Sparks(committed to Minnesota) in the finals, but he's not nearly as excellent as Zahid or Anthony were in HS.  If you look at Zahid and Anthony's HS accomplishments(Z-3 state titles, 3rd) Anthony(3 state titles, 2nd) plus their national tournament successes from Tulsa all the way through HS like Ironman, FloNationals, CK Folkstyle Nationals, Super 32, USAW cadet and junior teams, they are the most successful wrestlers in CA history from schoolboy age through HS.

    Cael has done very well in National folk/free tournaments the past few years being on both free/greco national teams, so for him it's a very good upward trajectory.  Sunkist/ASU would be stupid not to lock up Zahid long term.  I still don't see Zahid leaving Tempe, so Cael is probably going to end up there provided he's going to fit in at a weight that ASU needs.

  14. 8 hours ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    there was speculation he was done and would go into mma. In the International thread there is a Cave Talk podcast with PD3. On it Malik Amine says he heard that once Nick Suriano got punched in the face he changed his mind. No idea if that is true or not.

    If true, that would be funny because Nick has been seriously talking about going MMA since high school.

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