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  1. 57 Fix 65 JO 74 Dake 86 Taylor 97 Cox 125 Snyder All 6 capable of winning Gold! Go USA
  2. No but he had Epic Matches with the great Mark Shultz!
  3. Fix Nashon Yanni Nolf Burroughs Dake Taylor Cox Gwiz
  4. 57 Fix 65 Oliver 70 Nolf 86 Brooks 92 Nickal
  5. You think Lee would smoke an Olympic Champ and possibly the greatest combat sports athlete of all time (Joe Rogan's words)? Very Interesting.
  6. I just put some matchups I would like to see. :) If done right they could have a pretty good payday for both sides and not have to take any punches. Plus since all of the UFC champs are former wrestlers then maybe they would like to give back to the sport a little plus get a nice pay check. You could invite the Highest placing graduating senior from the NCAA guys and give them a pretty good check as well or put money in the bank for the undergrads for them after they graduate. What Line-up would you like to see for this event?
  7. With current NCAA tournament scoring a Fall is the same amount of points as 4 wins in consolations. This just does not seem right to me. I like the scoring HS uses for tournaments a lot better. 2 for a win on the championship side and 1 for a win in the consolations. Current NCAA scoring 1 on the championship side and .5 for a win in the consolations. Thoughts?
  8. If done right this could take wrestling to the next level! Could bring a whole new audience to the sport of wresting. ESPN might take the event and run with it if presented correctly. Current NCAA champs could be future UFC champs or OLYMPIC Champs!
  9. Since most of the UFC Champs are wrestlers we need to make this event happen after BTS. NCAA Champs vs UFC champs in a wrestling match after BTS. Lee vs Cejudo Fix vs TJ Dillashaw Yanni vs Max Holloway Nolf vs Khabib Valencia vs Usman/Woodley Myles Martin vs Whittaker Bo Nickal vs John Jones Gable vs Cormier This event could be huge.
  10. When will the Hodge be announced? Also, outstanding wrestler?
  11. Wouldn't it make the 32 seed have a pigtail with the 33 seed?
  12. Prediction: Gilman Vs PIC/Rivera/Lee Colon vs Fix Steiber vs Yanni Oliver vs Mckenna Green vs Nolf Burroughs vs Cenzo Dake vs Hall Taylor vs MyMar Cox vs Nickol Gwiz vs Gable!
  13. Do not forget that he has moved up to a much tougher weight class. Lizak having similar results from the move up. If Suriano was still at 125 things would be more clear.
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