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  1. GenralLee

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I thought the Semis were at noon?
  2. GenralLee

    Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights?

    Its fun to beat up on bigger guys.
  3. GenralLee


    I am watching on track. I have no sound???? Anyone else???
  4. Are we in the lead? Or does this have Women's scores added in. I am confused on the team score. I thought Russia had the team scored locked up. 1 United States USA 180.0 2 Russia RUS 178.0 3 Japan JPN 123.0 4 Georgia GEO 95.0 5 Turkey TUR 83.0 6 Cuba CUB 72.0 7 Mongolia MGL 71.0 8 Iran IRI 65.0 9 Belarus BLR 61.0 10 China CHN 60.0 11 Azerbaijan AZE 56.0 12 India IND 38.0
  5. GenralLee

    Question about scoring

    1-0 104-100 10-0 105-100 15-0 105.5-100 pin 106-100
  6. GenralLee

    Biggest matches

    Shultz - Sheets
  7. GenralLee

    Oklahoma State

    Next Year 125 Fix 133 Pic 141 Brock 149 Lewallen 157 Joe Smith 165 Rogers 174 Jacobe Smith 184 Moore 197 Weigel HW White Top Notch Backups- Geo, Gfeller, Blaylock, Marsden, Harding, Moran, Sheets, Bear, Jet Taylor 10 potential AAs, with 4-5 Potential AAs ready to step int! This team will be a serious title contender!
  8. With your logic then all 5 will repeat for sure. Hmmm I am willing to bet that does not happen.
  9. No. 3 Oklahoma State 30, No. 6 Minnesota 3 Nov. 19, 2017 | Gallagher-Iba Arena | Stillwater, Okla. 141: No. 1 Dean Heil (OSU) dec. No. 8 Tommy Thorn (MINN) 3-1 149: No. 12 Geo Martinez (OSU) MD Hunter Marko (MINN) 9-1 157: Jonce Blaylock (OSU) dec. No. 10 Jake Short (MINN) 3-1, SV1 165: No. 6 Chandler Rogers (OSU) dec. No. 10 Nick Wanzek (MINN) 3-2 174: No. 12 Jacobe Smith (OSU) MD Chris Pfarr (MINN) 10-1 184: Keegan Moore (OSU) dec. Owen Webster (MINN) 7-5 197: Andrew Marsden (OSU) MD Robert Steveson (MINN) 12-3 HWT: No. 11 Derek White (OSU) dec. Rylee Streifel (MINN) 5-2
  10. GenralLee

    FLO not allowing monthly subs anymore after 1/31/2018

    I am trying to watch the Midlands. But the stream from Flo keeps buffering. Why is it that I never have any problems with live video feeds except with Flo? Am I missing something?
  11. GenralLee

    Cruz vs Fix at Scuffle

  12. I have no idea! They are both studs! Cannot wait till we have Fix in the Mix! We sure have a lot to look forward to!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  13. GenralLee

    Cruz vs Fix at Scuffle

    If it is 0-0 at the end of the 1st then Fix has to go down. This is just practice and developement for him anyway. Fix just needs to open up and get a takedown in the 1st period and then he can take neutral. Fix can hang with anyone in the world on his feet. I take Fix! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  14. GenralLee

    Who is your team?

    Okie State
  15. GenralLee

    Separated at birth?