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  1. We have Kenny Monday, the peterson brothers and dan gable as well.
  2. no......i am waiting for the punchline shuck
  3. Andy Smith is going to be really good.
  4. dake already has 345 wins over taylor and 1 over cox.
  5. No santoro had em clicking.
  6. then why did you post...Iowa's potential in your head again?
  7. I was hoping for the guy from Princess Bride...
  8. Dakes match against the spaniard links to his semifinal....
  9. no one cares you sycophantic dork
  10. I think burroughs should go 86....
  11. Quite interesting when a teammate 30 years removed from competition identifies a teammate as tough and underrated...... Sorry couldn't help it.
  12. What was the year he pinned Brands? December 91 right?
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