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  1. Mat anderson was the most freakishly tall wrestler for his weight i've ever seen.
  2. "Where does team USA sit in the olympic trials seeds" Probably pretty great sense everyone in the tournament was on team USA
  3. takedowns are beautiful things...unless obtained by running someone into a wall.....
  4. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to say sorry so-and-so is already nicknamed "bluegrass" and just call someone else that for a few weeks.
  5. thanks. I'd like to say I understood completely given LBJs contribution but I knew I was still missing something.
  6. ok so he wrestled the same guy in the first rnd and the finals...
  7. Sorry if I missed it but what happened to Musukaev? Flo has one other match of his which he won, I can't find any brackets or what not.
  8. agreed on the underhook thing. I just thought it looked more like "not good enough" than "running away".
  9. I don't think those should have been cautions but hell it would have been nice if Gwiz could have made the guy hit a 2nd technique.... Anyway if anyone is interested in the Iranian underhook you can see the level of it way better in this match.... I thought this style had kinda gone away
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