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  1. In terms of ironic humor, he is a lot like koll except way more understated.
  2. Not related to Lee, but people who fall back on the "when it matters most" argument are a waste of space on the forum. Anyone can pick the winner of a tournament that has already happened,.
  3. Lee doesn't need knee excuses, remember when piccininni pinned him and we all had to except that it was because he just wasn't right....
  4. about as interesting as people arguing over who is favored between kemerer and starocci....
  5. is that a prediction or a really stupid observation.
  6. Its like you think clumsily restating my argument would support a point you aren't even stating.....
  7. i didn't realize how young he was, what a freak.
  8. Yeah fair enough, still close to a win win for Suriano.
  9. Not really, he isn't putting anything on the line, its more like he can steal Lee's legacy.
  10. He pointed out he was being asked a question that only made sense in the context of their stupid content
  11. https://www.flowrestling.org/collections/7160936-on-the-ground-in-oslo/video?playing=7165880 Go to the 1:00 mark....
  12. thats not how irony works....
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