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  1. LJB...........some people need to get told that they need to return to their juice boxes......
  2. Things I wanted to say if not for the fact that I've seen enough mindless LBJ posts.....
  3. I'm pretty sure Askren outstrips all of em....twice.
  4. Absolutely not. The whole of having a subscription is access to live events. You're assuming Flo could stop broadcasting live events and maintain its current subscribers, which is absurd.
  5. not if you count the $ made on the subscriptions of the people who watch it....
  6. The counter argument to that would be that that metric represents a self-reinforcing pattern that stifles the potential of women's wrestling. I'm not certain if I believe that or not....Flo posted a Fargo highlight on twitter today, mostly guys getting thrown on their heads, Julia Salata commented that their were no girls on the whole video. My initial reaction was to be annoyed, but upon reflection I don't think she is wrong to point out that we should probably take more steps to normalize womens wrestling, even within the wrestling community.
  7. Despite the fact that Downey is attemping to conflate opinion with "fact" and "truth", he is not wrong that from an economic standpoint people should be paid in proportion to their value. I'm not aware of how to quantify the value of one wrestler over another, but I have a feeling the call for equal pay is ridiculous(I'd be curious if those making that claim want Dake to make less or everyone else to make more)...it also seems disproportionate that Dake and CHamizo are making 50x as much as the women.... A further complication is Flos status as a subscription service makes the profit motive tougher to parallel than if they could measure the wrestlers value by filling stands.... Any thoughts on this? Tough issue...
  8. I'll just leave it at, I just want someone to come out and explain what happened. Current narrative doesn't make enough sense for me. Maybe I'm too cynical.
  9. Tsargush was such a whiner...... thanks for posting, i looked for that months ago and I thought it was lost. Next do Smith/Penrith.
  10. I am a paying customer. I don't like seeing our sports leading media platform undermine itself constantly with this fanboy approach to their jobs. Let's say you are correct, and Pyles was tacitly admitting that they bailed on Downey because his tweets were not PC enough, that means they grabbed a guy whose almost entire relevance to the sport was being a loud idiot on social media, offered him $10,000, and then bailed on him because it turned out he is a loud idiot on social media. This is not competence. If it turns out Downey has basically committed a crime and they can't talk about it(as lurker thinks), then they should say that, or say nothing, not treat their customers like a bunch of idiots.
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