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  1. hammerlockthree

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    word is he is transferring to Iowa
  2. hammerlockthree

    Right now, who is our p4p best freestyler?

    Downey is our best greco guy
  3. hammerlockthree

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    I can't believe this topic got off the subject of Downey calling out Taylor for PEDs....
  4. hammerlockthree

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    She has been getting on his nerves lately. Wisconsin is OUT.
  5. hammerlockthree

    Gavin Hoffman vs Michael Beard

  6. hammerlockthree

    Anthony Valencia: what NCAA weight this season?

    He won't AA. He couldn't beat nolf, on one leg, up a weight, in the style hasn't been training for all year....
  7. hammerlockthree

    Gavin Hoffman vs Michael Beard

    I was trying to channel the same mindless nonsense that fuels cinnabon
  8. hammerlockthree

    Gavin Hoffman vs Michael Beard

    Why didn't Cael recruit Dake instead of Taylor and why didn't he recruit Stieber and Lee and Yianni
  9. hammerlockthree

    US freestyles need to open up and go for big throws?

    since the US has been floundering at the world level lately we should probably abandon our style and take on another countries.
  10. hammerlockthree

    I think Downey can do it

    Ironically, at this point I am gonna respect Downey a lot more if he keeps talking smack knowing he has Taylor waiting....
  11. hammerlockthree

    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Whats the most annoying thing about Cael? No information ever. If he started giving out good news it would tell the bad news. Given that 70% of taylor is gonna beat downey, what are the plausible injuries what would keep him out of worlds?
  12. hammerlockthree

    Nolf to 74kg

    that was 3....
  13. hammerlockthree

    Yianni Film

    Flo's content never has much teeth.
  14. hammerlockthree

    Looking back, who had the better career Nickal or Nolf?

    Nolf was more dominant, took better losses, won while severely injured....its not even close.
  15. hammerlockthree

    What weight is the Zain Train going?

    Is there any reason to think he switched weights?