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  1. Your buddies at Flo somehow made their instagram worse, recent addition was Mike Mal plagiarizing/quoting(?) Yoda. Its exactly the same thing as "'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take' -Wayne Gretsky-Michael Scott" except they didn't bother to turn it into a joke.
  2. Hall has gotta be significantly bigger than Gantt.....
  3. He is also busted up. If he isn't a practice partner, and is balancing numerous other responsibilities, he is a pretty big name to keep around. Maybe it just made no financial sense to keep him on staff.
  4. Based on whats going on you'd think it would have to be over sketchy recruiting practices? What else is going on? Everyone is training still, no way Askren is mad about that though.
  5. Dude just delete ask the feds to delete the topic and start over
  6. Honestly I'd prefer forced par terre for an extended and points for defending.
  7. cant wait till john turturro plays him in the movie.
  8. you aren't charlie falck are you?
  9. Do you coach at all? I just ask because when you get into the weeds as to how it is applied its almost entirely arbitrary. One of my problems with it is that holding center isn't a great metric for activity, but half the time the referees are putting the wrong guy on the clock on purpose because they have this pseudo intellectual idea that they have to put the other guy on clock eventually anyway. Senior level is no better for the same reasons, plus corruption. I think the push out is enough.
  10. Sidakov's covers so much ground on his outside step that it's really hard to re-attack him.
  11. You like the shot clock rules?
  12. Whatever dude, I'm gonna try and stay clear of the subject unless something else crazy happens. Good luck.
  13. His explanation for getting kicked off the Flo card was that he was promoting womens wrestling, offered to forfeit his payment in the name of that cause, then mispoke and got blindsided by Flo over it...... That ain't what happened.
  14. If that were true you would point it out as opposed to just whining about how mean I am.
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