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  1. Its not even "what he does off the mat", the guy isn't a criminal or anything, he just says a lot of goofy stuff.
  2. Does he tell the story about the time he quit wrestling and dropped out of school because he wanted to hang out at the local bars in-season?
  3. when i say something unfair or inaccurate feel free to critique
  4. Here is a post where PD2 literally confuses himself with his son!!!!!!!!!!! He's aint the one posting psycho!
  5. I am trying to not get so invested in the Downey stuff cause it feeds into the sensationalism that I don't particularly like......but is this the least self aware tweet of all time?!!?!?!?
  6. Cox (3,3,1,1 i think) Taylor is (1). Who exactly is arguing against reality. There is a tough weight argument.....but Cox beat Taylor 2/3....and I just watched the 3rd match for the tenth time and the prevailing lesson is Cox beat him on one leg, not that the refs should be fired for not rescuing taylor. Taylor has to prove he is better than Cox, we can't just free associate into it.
  7. It resulted in a suspension currently because Flo is trying to covers its a$$ on the womens issues stuff.....IMHO. I don't know why Willie retweeted it, could be anything from direct knowledge of the guys misdeeds, to just hating flo in general....I just don't approve of dragging obscure individuals who were previously in the grips of the criminal justice system into the public eye again for the purposes of the grossest and most trivial personal gratification. I think you get all that but I wanted to be clear.
  8. Even if thats not correct...that's the core of the argument
  9. I don't think it will work as well given his level in MMA, sense the culture is way more saturated with that sort of thing. Remember when Johnny Hendricks went from public enemy #1 (and I am not being ironic I hated him too), to "happy beard guy"? He's gonna have to make some serious strides and survive in a training environment without being kicked out for longer than he ever has before he can be relevant enough trash talk his way into a fight he doesn't deserve.
  10. I think Covington stole the only shtick he could pull off
  11. well almost equidistant from 86...but I see what you mean cause its further down the curve so 91 would actually have made more sense.... I guess I accept the idea that those weights are weaker, but I just don't think its anything Cox has to answer for, which I think Haywood implied.
  12. Can you quantify that for me somehow? I see that trope dropped a lot, but the only evidence I see of it is Dake and Cox totally dominating....which again I have a hard time using against them.
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