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  1. hammerlockthree

    Logan Macri

    Because no one on this forum was wondering what Logan Macri was up to.
  2. hammerlockthree

    Logan Macri

    Why would you post this? Who exactly are you helping?
  3. hammerlockthree

    Logan Stieber retiring

    his retirement is too early and too late. Awkward timing.
  4. hammerlockthree

    Sadulaev is 22 years old

    I'll argue like you do for the purposes of being insipid. You are saying Russia has never cheated?!
  5. hammerlockthree

    Sadulaev is 22 years old

    Yeah rampant state sponsored cheating should be completely ignored. The hero worship aspect of fandom is so pathetic.
  6. hammerlockthree

    Strongest p4p college wrestler?

    nailed it
  7. hammerlockthree

    More deserving of being a 4-timer

    hall is gonna be the most deserving of being a 2 timer..despite being gifted his only.
  8. hammerlockthree

    Is Mekhi Lewis a 2020 threat?

    could a post get anymore boring
  9. hammerlockthree

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    pyles is out of his league
  10. hammerlockthree

    Cornell has 4 title contenders in 2020

    You are underselling Darmstadt. He should have been the #1 seed as a freshmen, and all his losses came after his back was screwed up.
  11. hammerlockthree

    Allen High School Miracle! (Texas)

    who cares.
  12. hammerlockthree

    Mason Manville OR

  13. hammerlockthree

    On Bo, helping opponents up

    "I was the most dangerous wrestler in college wrestling for 4 years....oh by the way glory god"