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  1. The narrative "someone barely eaked out a win" is so much weaker than "someone got screwed".
  2. Does anyone on this forum deny that he is a hero to them in at least some small way?
  3. Nothing you said isn't true, but a lot of it wasn't pertinent to my comment. I was just comparing the vibe the programs give off currently. I am not sold on Jones as a head coach who can take home a trophy.
  4. Their styles do come off as similarly....simplistic for senior level.
  5. They feel to me like a trendier version of Nebraska. They've always got some guys in the hunt, big legacy, but the team is never really relevant.
  6. Freak athletes? Serious question or did you somehow squeeze a joke I missed into 6 letters?
  7. this statement is a touch naive. Cael develops his guys for sure, not all college teams do, and more power to him he recruits the right kids...that said he is dealing with freaks. Blindly assuming Kent State didn't do very well with conel is a little silly.
  8. OMG i liked the above post but I might create duplicate accounts to like it again. Track is a horrible lazy ugly useless stupid company.
  9. Mostly because I am sick of boring people posting that we need to get behind our team, I need to ask if any of these people even exist. Who on the forum isn't hoping for 10 american golds in mens freestyle.
  10. From my perspective, you meant that I am underestimating the quality of our greco. I think Downey could rapidly make the team, but that doesn't get a lot of re-tweets so he doesn't care.
  11. Idk what you mean honeslty. Watch the guy wrestle, he's a greco guy, he just happens to also be a freak athlete, making him the exception to the rule.
  12. I think our freestyle team could beat our greco team at greco given a year of training. Downey could probably make it today but his ego is too big.
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