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  1. So LBJ is: A)Taylor lying B) Downey is lying (and contradicting himself and had the most inexplicable loss of weight in human history) and banking on Flo backing him up again?
  2. Why are you making false statements meant to diminish the accomplishments of Stieber?
  3. Thats a great argument, you're just not responding to anyone.
  4. So you won a semantic argument and then piggy backed me on the actual argument.
  5. I think Stieber was too predictable to be very successful at the senior level. Thats the defining difference between the two i think.
  6. No one knows whether you are making a stupid joke about mckenna or actually think thats true.
  7. Does Griffith fit into cornells lineup? I assume Stanford and them compete for recruits.
  8. Fittery majored St. John immediately after getting beat badly by Taylor. Obviously St. John got a title eventually, but we can do the side by side comparison when they actually wrestled Taylor.
  9. Well Taylor has more compelling narratives. The shocking loss to Bubba and "rivalry" with Dake were insanely dramatic moments, and as you said way more digestible than winning a NCAA title so ugly it inspired a rule change immediately. Another comparison, we still hear as much or more about Mark Perry as we do about Stieber, and the only reason is that his story had just about everything you could imagine packed into it. Was he in any way comparable to Stieber as a wrestler? No but he had a better narrative. We hear 10x as much about Downey as Stieber, and they aren't even in the same universe as wrestlers.
  10. Its a good question. Taylor had the added appeal of dominating while looking like a 13 year old boy half his career, where as Stieber was often complimented (dismissively) for his freakish strength. Taylor had a much more dynamic style, it seemed like you never knew what he was gonna pull out, meanwhile Stieber just fired off lefty off his lefty sweep/low double combo and no one could stop it. Fair or not, stiebers off year world title does not have anywhere near the luster of Taylors title at an olympic weight. Stieber also got completely clowned several times at the senior level which is hard to imagine happening to taylor. In my mind the wins over Yazdani Chariti are what put Taylors career on another level.
  11. You are still butthurt that I pointed out Flo is lying or incompetent on an issue?
  12. Anyone else here there RTC i gonna get another big pick up soon?
  13. I don't think Pyles brings a lot of controversy or insight...he basically tried to talk Downey out of accusing Taylor of being on PEDS...which is the only thing that makes the match interesting.
  14. LJB is to Flo what Blue Dragon is to Downey on here....except his posts are dumber and hyper repetitive.
  15. you trying to drive down our expectations for the sport of wrestling is one of dumbest posts ever on this forum
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