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  1. hammerlockthree

    GFeller is gonna win NCAAs

    thats all.
  2. hammerlockthree

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    Two things can be true at the same time.
  3. hammerlockthree

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    he does have a point...flo is ruining its image.
  4. hammerlockthree

    Mike Francesca

    the caller was ridiculous but francesca still sucks
  5. hammerlockthree

    Mike Francesca

    Francesca is a bloated pompous tool.
  6. hammerlockthree

    Chance's Chances

  7. hammerlockthree

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    the new thing is that Iowa is on the verge of needing a complete reboot. The link to gable is gone, its time for them to abandon the legacy and become underdogs...at least if they want to be national champions. They think they are carrying the flame but they aren't.
  8. hammerlockthree

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    Vak has been indoctrinated
  9. I really am struggling to decide whether Flo is making a lot of huge mistakes or if I am just becoming exponentially more bitter as time goes on.
  10. hammerlockthree

    Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st

    to my knowledge thats the first mudflap post that real disgust came through...
  11. hammerlockthree

    Virginia wants more state championships

    that's a joke, the whole wrestling community is nauseous with 7.
  12. hammerlockthree

    Who on earth is Brock Mauller?

    Anyone got any editorial comments? 4 seed i have never heard of.
  13. hammerlockthree

    Who on earth is Brock Mauller?

    when was that match?
  14. hammerlockthree

    Marinelli's draw

    They probably let the Flo bros choose his seed....
  15. hammerlockthree

    Who on earth is Brock Mauller?

    yeah I didn't say it to impress you. chalk it up to my ignorance.
  16. hammerlockthree

    Forfeiting Conference Final

    Thats very square for us sitting here but the unintended consequences to the seeding process are exponential.
  17. hammerlockthree

    Forfeiting Conference Final

    I wasn't sure shakur ducked until I saw caels interview. He had his, drilling downstairs face on.
  18. hammerlockthree

    Stoll's Draw

  19. hammerlockthree

    Stoll's Draw

    has be beaten a ranked guy all year?
  20. hammerlockthree

    I'd like to start a themat.com forum petition

    Can we petition Flo too fire all it's pundits and hire tim johnson to replace them.
  21. hammerlockthree

    Stoll's Draw

    Who is stoll
  22. hammerlockthree

    Marinelli's draw

    If one of his goals was to win OW this is a big help.
  23. hammerlockthree

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Despite my post about PSU protecting their game plan I disagree that Shak's best chance to beat him would ordinarily be in there 1st meeting. Martin brings a lot of athleticism to the table and thats traditionally almost impossible to simulate, so the more feels the better, though god knows whose been rolling around at the NLWC lately.
  24. hammerlockthree

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    Austria had a strong reaction
  25. hammerlockthree

    Joseph just got dominated

    if someone else knocks off marinelli and Joseph takes it all again.....he's gonna get some serious hate.