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  1. From my perspective, you meant that I am underestimating the quality of our greco. I think Downey could rapidly make the team, but that doesn't get a lot of re-tweets so he doesn't care.
  2. Idk what you mean honeslty. Watch the guy wrestle, he's a greco guy, he just happens to also be a freak athlete, making him the exception to the rule.
  3. I think our freestyle team could beat our greco team at greco given a year of training. Downey could probably make it today but his ego is too big.
  4. Other countries have people training greco fulltime, we wrestle folk, then sometimes pick up freestyle, and if you are bad at freestyle and also kind of weird you end up in Greco. Not a deep talent pool and inexperienced.
  5. I don't quite get the motivation behind it I guess. If they had a world #1 would they let him try out for the USA team? There is some aspect of it that strikes me as sorta cheesy, also sorta unpatriotic.....variety of weird vibes.
  6. This is clearly a Michigan thing....I find it to be sorta gross.
  7. I hide behind my computer and make benign jokes. You hide behind your computer and talk about who you can beat everyone up....whats more pathetic?
  8. Yeah good point this racist pig needs some sensitivity training.
  9. Well since you would never hide behind your keyboard, who are you?
  10. this is where I would have to go into making excuses for him, and there is no way of doing that cause I dont even like him, plus there are about 13 Flo interviews dedicated to that purpose.
  11. it would be great if you would base your predictions on their current team and not previous teams with pre-determined results.
  12. track is a lazy greedy awful website. The reason wrestling is a 2nd tier sport is that we tolerate treatment from such outlets. Flo does a lot of annoying and useless things but they have way more respect for the sport and their customers.
  13. Tom Brands in 88? Is that the reference.
  14. So whats gonna happen if Suriano goes 57? He's gonna get tired? Haven't seen it yet. He is in way more danger of negating his strength advantage, which is why I assume he is so friggin hard to take down despite his kinda goofy stance.
  15. The brutal thing about Dake is that he can win a chess match or a dog fight, he can also force that match.
  16. I'm sick of these big mouths from Cleveland State hijacking every topic.
  17. he's pretty adept at reading the refs, I don't think he'd leave himself to their mercy.
  18. It seems preposterous that Smith wasn't at least a presumed incumbent.
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