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  1. whats an example of one of these vicious PSU attacks?
  2. There is nothing wrong with what you said, its a BTFB vortex thing.
  3. I have no way of knowing if BTFB is the dumbest poster on this forum, but I am certain he is the worst at hiding whatever stupidity he has.
  4. So I have to wrestle spencers lees matches for him?
  5. So you can't make any predictions about a wrestler who hasn't competed in the last 6 months? Its like they just start their careers over?
  6. Na Lee was obviously a bigger recruit, not to answer for bigmik
  7. well based on that stuff Lee should be an NCAA champion, so Bigmik is right, and you're wrong....
  8. how do you determine who is better if not by who wins?
  9. Thats not pretty simple. Smart people can get ideas down to one sentence.
  10. i vote asgarov for slickest wrestler on earth
  11. Wild thought, but I doubt it. The real question is if OSU is gonna keep the hand post sweep finish that doesn't work anymore or finally take jordans method.
  12. I didn't call you stupid.... Have you figured out your basic position yet?
  13. that isn't a basic position, its an attitude. You can't let your emotions run your intellect. Are you female?
  14. your hypothetical makes no sense, the new stud would have to beat him in the finals at some point or he wouldn't be on lees level. So he would still be underachieving
  15. He should have won it twice already IMHO. I bet he could put up similar numbers and get it next year. The fact that he is just plain better than everyone else by a lot has to take precedent at some point.
  16. It certainly wouldn't match his trajectory. So yes.
  17. Hey Bigten, in this thread, are you being dumb to defend penn state, or just recreationally?
  18. i don't have to accuse you of being stupid if your argument is that some other fans are as dumb as you
  19. Oh now I get it! You guys are pretending someone said something that no one said so you can interject with what a great guy cael is! Just make up stuff to argue against awesome!
  20. I don't remember him throwing legs at all, not saying it didn't happen
  21. Who are you addressing with this ridiculous comment? Like I said before these PSU fans throw a fit they second someone has stopped complimenting them.
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