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  1. Programs should have an administrative head and wrestling Coach. Probably not practical but Koll is the only guy who i think can fill both of these rolls perfectly. Maybe Jrob...
  2. Its illegal to hold it passed the referees 5 count. Turning dudes with it is fine. THE OPPOSITE OF CAUGHT.
  3. tOSU can't scrape together a dual meet. Consistency over three days is out of the question.
  4. I don't think he sucks, he just doesn't win on hustle and clean scores. He wins on shrinking the match and being insanely hard to scores on. Not a wide margin for error.
  5. I was only referring to waters. I was complimenting houdashelt. He wrestles hard. Did you read what I said carefully? Jesse Dong and Waters are in the snakey leaches who lose in march category. Houdashelt is in the, guy who will find a way to win category.
  6. Sorry, its a poorly worded shadow of a fart of an opinion I have. His style loses in march IMHO
  7. Waters will not win it. I have a theory, which i can't substantiate with anything but anecdotes, but leaches don't do as well in march. People who have been wrestling 15 years have a lot easier time finding a way against a guy like Jesse Dong than they do against a guy like Houdashelt.
  8. is anyone else mad a cool name like drake makes you think of that rapper now...
  9. People who say "just pushing" make me sick. I am serious its everything thats wrong with the sports in one phrase. The battle cry of coaches who tell their kids to back up to the edge, the most cynical, lazy and idiotic tactic in wrestling.
  10. This post makes me think you don't understand the sport.
  11. I know but I honestly think the ref got confused put up his hands in the wrong order. That might sound like back tracking but I can't get it through my head that the ref could have called that.
  12. I'll say this, freshman Taylor beats Dieringer.
  13. I think it's more likely Sparks is confused than the ref hit waters for the slam.
  14. He isn't comparable on top. I don't reject the comparison otherwise.
  15. Personally, the only time I allow someone to say caught is if they got quickly put in a low leg cradle, spladle, or some maneuver that is essentially impossible to bridge out of. So what did Moreno nail jordan with?
  16. No I said it in the post you responded to. I've been addressing people who claimed to not understand how gilman could have been DQ'd, but I was the first to comment that it would have been an unconventional call if he had been. But whatever I give up.
  17. I just said I don't have a problem with the call, it's like you didn't read what I wrote.
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