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  1. Its not even a knock on them as people or the program. In high school, with developing kids, the coaches first concern should be culture. Cael is coaching grown men though, they should be expected to handle it.
  2. I'd heard about the dad, whatever had to be said it's not like cael is gonna let him into practice or something. It's obviously best for the program, because programs at that level are about winning, and he'll help them win. The people who think him leaving is ultimately good for the program are the people who think cael is the wrestling equivalent of willy Wonka, and one bad oompa loompa will poison the special sauce. Cael is a savy guy who does what he has to do for the program, including letting the team chemistry take a hit for another national champ.
  3. Does this mean that him coming back isn't bad for PSU in the long run anymore?
  4. no he doesn't know. Its amazing how these PSU have no balls when they aren't favored by galactic margins...
  5. after saduleav has a cow injected into his butt...
  6. Wrestlers from the USA do fine their first time out. This idea that he needs 2-3 years is not historically valid.
  7. are you sure those sore kidneys aren't from when rutherford ripped out his liver?
  8. I love people who ask questions like, "If he wasn't in jail, how would he have done?" As if good high school wrestlers just get a pass on the whole discipline side of the sport. Not all talents are physical.
  9. my first attempted name was "thepeanutgallery" but i couldn't get it.
  10. You can get that on here, just not in a suriano topic while the proverbial iron is hot.
  11. 80% if Caels job has to come from a purely business perspective. I'm sure he played every card he had to keep suriano, including telling him he was gonna have to miss a year. If thats the case, which is likely, you can't blame Cael not going back on what he said. The word "precedent" has been thrown around, and sounds kind of lame, but the way PSU recruits they are gonna have some tough kids stuck on the bench, and he's gonna want those kids around, not thinking they can feel out PSU and then hit the road if the can't make the lineup.
  12. The joke is the assertion that cael gets blamed for everything. You and TBar live vicariously through Cael, you clearly think he/you should be beyond criticism. What could be more entitled than thinking you are beyond criticism?
  13. still anxious to find out if this meant something or was just an attempt to make PSU fans looks like whiny entitled children.
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