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  1. he's pretty adept at reading the refs, I don't think he'd leave himself to their mercy.
  2. It seems preposterous that Smith wasn't at least a presumed incumbent.
  3. If he was gonna wrestle in the conference why redshirt at all? So he doesn't have to go to class?
  4. If he is going 65 then I am calling it a punt by rutgers and retracting my earlier post.
  5. It's no big deal either way, though I would like an apology from whatever dork got mad at me for say "something like 26th" since no one can figure out when Smith was made HC.
  6. I love that. Cuts against many of my negative assumptions about Suriano.
  7. Do you guys think the Iowa Staff cares more about a team title or Lee having his best chance at an olympic gold?
  8. I just looked it up and it says smith started in 1992, so both wrong, I always thought he was 1994, cause Joe Seau got busted and fired around then right?
  9. Koll is the opposite of Downey, he has a real army of "haters" that he ignores.
  10. and this year is? What did Russia just punt on his weight last year?
  11. As much as I would like to agree, the average poster wasn't aware enough of this line of humor to even know what was going on.
  12. Nichols 32 years Smith I think is a year behind koll....
  13. Just pointing out incredible longevity. Gable was the Iowa Head for 21 years. JRob managed 30.
  14. i don't think they are biased, they just kinda talk like fans.
  15. Ok so why is Flo joking about its commentators being incompetent? Thats the punchline right?
  16. Real question: they recently did a technique video where Nomad shows a switch, was this A) a joke or B) an informative technical analysis?
  17. Another Tbar post that says nothing. He just puts out white noise to remind you he exists.
  18. The annoying thing about TBar is that he is a blatant partisan who is still a complete coward when it comes to predictions.
  19. A cinnabon question is more like a TBar post. "Now that Zain is graduated who will be the next person to ride leg" (i purposefully omitted the s because Tbar is clueless)
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