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  1. I think the question isnt if he deserves it the question is if the amount of leash he needs is possible.
  2. How long have they been testing the champions? Its kinda weird no one has ever been popped.
  3. I like how you just let that hang....when I know you are implying a sort of stagnation seems to have infected his style/energy on the mat.
  4. Are we even allowed to talk about this...its a glaring problem. On the senior level its gonna come to a head next year I think.
  5. It makes sense if he is excellent at controlling the mat. That can be overlooked in a folk match, is way more valuable in free, and the fact that Deakin is physically a beast makes it add up.
  6. Sorry dude the post was stupid and if your just on here to throw out tough guy cliches and correct grammar you aren't adding much to the discussion.
  7. .....no one knows what you are talking about
  8. Cinnabons topics are just stupid enough so that you know they trolling, but only barely...to parody one it would have to be so stupid that it was smart but got stupid again....very hard.
  9. The confusing thing about TBar is you don't know in any given second if your confronting stupidity or ignorance....
  10. if you are gonna say stupid stuff like that you shouldn't open the topic about who has something to prove.
  11. on the forum you have to agree with someone.
  12. as a bald guy who hasn't had an acl in two years who got the worst draw as a 1 seed in history.
  13. Yeah, if "has the most to prove" means he has already earned it more than any other dude, Marinelli is the guy.
  14. oh, yeah thats great! Found a new marketing guru.
  15. ...i love you shuck but I don't get it.
  16. Pat Downey has the most to prove based the size of his reputation...the least to prove based on its quality....
  17. Nice, I'm also renaming our governing body "No TBar Club"
  18. If its not broadcast live I am starting my own USA Wrestling, whose got the 80$ to bribe UWW into recognizing my branch?
  19. what are you talking about? Are you saying he is in shape?
  20. he looked good because dake didn't care at that point. Dake isn't even in shape yet.
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