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  1. your gonna win the day with one post!
  2. thanks for posting...still can't bring myself to pick Valencia.
  3. A Valencia beat Pantaleo? He ain't winning that bracket
  4. thats the biggest dick move of all
  5. it always goes that way, wrestling humbles you so often that its hard to be a jerk and stay in the sport.
  6. For sure, I'm just saying these programs can market themselves with knowledge that is pedestrian in D1 coaching circles and startling to most fans. They don't have to talk about the most f'd up thing they made a kid do to make weight. PS there is no secret sauce.
  7. What if Cael, and other big name coaches started putting out a lot of specific content regarding the team, the sport and other pertinent subjects? Is it just me or would that change the landscape? I think its waiting to happen, wrestling is laden with things which are taboo in any other circumstance and I think that has inspired a lot of unnecessary secrecy.
  8. I would take him over lujuan and Rasheed. Honestly I might be pandering based on the beating I've taken on here on the topic....and now I wish he was in there so I could find out if I was right or not.
  9. I'm sorry I think they'd all beat Provisor.
  10. I totally disagree. Thats all there is to it. I don't think being a greco olympian means much and I don't care at all about winning one weak international tournament at a non-olympic weight. I don't know why everyone is having such a strong reaction.
  11. Thanks for all the info guys, obviously i didn't know enough to justify the amount of complaining i've done on the subject.
  12. The only thing I'd say is that Track doesn't really do subscriptions right? Its all pay by event isn't it?
  13. i'm not saying he is gonna lose for sure, its just what I think. What do you people want?
  14. can you elaborate? Set what track charges? How does this relate to the proportion of the profit being sent to the organizers? Very curious, my perspective on track was based on being a consumer, not an organizer.
  15. I hate to pile on, but Gilman has come a long way too. He used to say a lot of really stupid stuff, but he's backed off on that big time, and not just sense switching clubs.
  16. Thanks for the info, I just don't think that one tournament with no notable wins is evidence for him beating guys who train the style.
  17. No...thats you. You were the one who accused me of claiming foresight for stating an opinion. Which was childish.
  18. don't be childish. Everyone on the forum knows that's a statement of opinion not fact.
  19. I have to ask.... Did anyone else think of Trailer Park Boys when Brent attacked chases weed plants?
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