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  1. 5 hours ago, TripNSweep said:

    Unlike Nebraska, they have won an NCAA title before.  Also unlike Nebraska they had the program cut recently, only to be restored within a week, but still.  They also were awful for a few years, if not for transfers and them luckly having Robles in their backyard they wouldn't have made much noise recently at all.  I think they finished like 56th in Shawn Charles last year as coach or something like that.  They got a very good coach and recruited about a million times better than they were before.  I think they take home a trophy this year.  

    Nothing you said isn't true, but a lot of it wasn't pertinent to my comment. I was just comparing the vibe the programs give off currently.

    I am not sold on Jones as a head coach who can take home a trophy. 

  2. 12 hours ago, TripNSweep said:

    They can only go up from finishing 12th. 3 returning AAs, 1 2x R12, and a lot of younger guys who can put up a lot of points.  

    They feel to me like a trendier version of Nebraska. They've always got some guys in the hunt, big legacy, but the team is never really relevant. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, Perry said:

    Imagine how good conel could be with all this time under cael and co with all the partners that he has. If he is healed up he could he very scary potentially

    this statement is a touch naive. Cael develops his guys for sure, not all college teams do, and more power to him he recruits the right kids...that said he is dealing with freaks. Blindly assuming Kent State didn't do very well with conel is a little silly.

  4. 26 minutes ago, airmail said:

    If I were one of the Journalists making pics from another country, I'd probably be like the guy who picked all 'Japan' for WFS Champs and pick all Russia in MFS, thinking I'd possibly get half right.  That said I'm not an overseas journalist, but a midwestern middle aged guy who roots for our boys no matter who wins the spot, man bun or not.  So I guess I'm not hoping for 10 golds, but for 10 guys coming home who know they wrestled their a$$es of for guys/gals like myself who are proud of em!  

    white noise 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Housebuye said:

    He is a freestyle guy. 

    He is close with many of the Greco guys. If he was beating them in Greco he would be ok the greco team. I think you are severely over estimating his Greco. 

    From my perspective, you meant that I am underestimating the quality of our greco. I think Downey could rapidly make the team, but that doesn't get a lot of re-tweets so he doesn't care.

  6. 34 minutes ago, Relentless125 said:

    Dake was teched by Coleman in high school in greco. Many of the top freestylers have tried crossovers and done poorly. Parterre is at a whole other level in greco. At the OTC many of our world team members do crossover matches and the greco guys do pretty well against the freestylers particularly when it comes to wrestling on the mat.

    I was looking for the Jordan Burroughs vs Justin Harry Lester practice match but can't find it.

    I think our freestyle team could beat our greco team at greco given a year of training. 

    Downey could probably make it today but his ego is too big.

  7. 2 hours ago, fightingsioux said:
    1. I was told beforehand by a former NCAA champion that I would not like it. He had tried, very low key, and given up. I'm 71, been involved in wrestling for 65 years as a wrestler, parent and coach. Thought I'd give it a try.
    2. Way too much testosterone-fueled, bully boy bragging, threatening, insulting. Nastiness is the best descriptor. This is endemic on all internet forums, of course, perhaps that wrestling is the topic here only makes it worse.
    3. A shortage of reasoned, logical, fact-based discussion/argument: arguments are good, they're just an exchange of diverging views, they educate. They don't have to end in punching someone in the face. Literally or in a post. See #2 above.
    4. The hardest thing for humans to do is admit they are wrong. Many people have never said or heard these words said to them: "I believed this, but after listening to your argument and thinking about it, I see that I was wrong." Again, see #2 above.
    5. Pet Peeve: Googling does not make you an instant expert on a subject.
    6. An amazingly small number of posters, relatively speaking. I wonder how many potentially interesting, wrestling-knowledgeable, well-spoken and perceptive posters either quit entirely or just lurk because of the overly aggressive, jump-down-your-throat tone of the boards. It is the forum's loss.
    7. I realize that I read and posted for a very short time. There seems to me some very old grudges, even hatreds, that clog-up and eventually sidetrack almost every thread of any length. I'm a 10-year member of a stock board with an expert, respected and respectful moderator who stops that kind of crap immediately! Stay on point, be rational, no ad hominem attacks. It's remarkable how quickly the loud-mouth bullies leave the room under those rules.
    8. I was astounded how many truly elite-level (back in the day) wrestlers post here. In my brief visit, I counted 12,482 high school state champs and 3,723 NCAA AA's. Mind-boggling!
    9. I don't mean to paint everyone with the same brush. I encountered some very informed, sophisticated posters, able to give and take with affable courtesy. NJDan and irani come to mind, I'm sure there are many others.
    10. In closing, it's not a great experience for a newcomer and not something I'll recommend. That's really too bad, because when all is said and done we all love the sport of wrestling and a fair, thoughtful, civilized meeting place for the exchange of information and opinions (even strong and passionate ones) would be great.


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