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  1. Yeah but I haven't said anything dumb....you have.
  2. Again...you are going all out on a false premise, which is lying in my book. or dumb
  3. Yeah obviously you would claim that, your intellectually dishonest argument is based on that point. The problem is that you are trying to gerrymander all of recorded history around one loss, and you would have to be in idiot or a liar to think that was a valid way of thinking.
  4. yeah...you are a liar or really dumb in a really convenient way.
  5. wow the one talking point that made the discussion possible at all.....
  6. The most charitable thing you can say for taylor is that he is better at wrestling, but not at winning.
  7. oh sorry, thanks mr poopy butthole, you've always been a good friend.
  8. no i looked that up too. seems 5% of covid people with symptoms get pneumonia. I had no clue. I don't think this undermines any of my wider philosophical beliefs but I learned something.
  9. na I looked into it you and fletcher were right. sorry for wasting time.
  10. Its a consequence of people fetishizing things based on flimsy information. I'm sorry you are taking this all so personally but I'm not convinced I was wrong in either instance.
  11. Then why isn't there any official verbiage on the subject?
  12. all you covid maniacs constantly self-own. That link just says the white house "strongly encourages" postal workers to comply. That's Psaki BS through and through.
  13. yes of course for me. I, unlike you, don't speak for other people.
  14. we've been over this, one side is weaponizing liberty and the other safety.
  15. just pointing out this is a bi-partisan statement.
  16. Info appreciated, I don't trust the CDC at all, but going forward I'll keep that idea in mind.
  17. you are making some sense I am just down the spectrum from you.
  18. you say that as if I had to agree with them, or that you were ignorant of Howe and Kennedy's motivations....
  19. Well I'll take it back, I apologize for calling you dumb, looks like we found our point of disagreement. Cheers.
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