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  1. What team of monkeys figured out......red!
  2. MIT is the engineers, not sure who their 65 pounder is.
  3. At least its a real supermatch.
  4. Yeah, off the top of my head he claimed he was 3 kilos under. I don't believe it.
  5. Let's post some other Supermatches... How about Joe Rau vs John Daly?
  6. Are Saunders and Echemendia the same age?
  7. Wait...Echmendia is wrestling? did he just wrestle at Whose #1?
  8. I am excited to see Downey wrestle a professional bowler.
  9. Worst post of the decade?
  10. Is it all freestyle this year?
  11. Flo extending itself to keep downey relevant is such a mistake.....
  12. Yeah he's a steroid monster....who cares.
  13. I only know of one plausible explanation for him being able to easily make 74 Kilos.........
  14. Makes sense, presumably if you caught one in child birth you could catch it....
  15. Yeah thats correct, I thought someone would know off the top of their head.
  16. We are assuming ACL right? Whats that 6 months? Plus 6 Weeks to get in real wrestling shape again? When did he get hurt?
  17. Yeah sure, my point was that the best solution to an improper format is not a bunch of sleazy legalistic maneuvering. So despite the fringe benefit, I am still against the Michigan thing.
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