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  1. because it could turn out the intimate proportions of wrestling aren't suited to the idiotic proportions of football.
  2. it could also be full and suck....
  3. So he's like the Trump of wrestling media....and Willlie is Jeb Bush...
  4. The never caught on but I loved Bo "the Llama" Nickal. Guy looks like a llama.
  5. For people as well? I thought it was funny (though not that accurate) when Paul Bradley became Stall Bradley.
  6. Whose tracks parent company? I would think you could tell us unless its Zahid.
  7. Is it just me or did Flo have a lot more big duals last year? They've still got high school cornered, they should try to get worlds away from Track.
  8. You agreed with me and said I was wrong in the same sentence.
  9. No, he gets covered a lot. This topic is based on someone who wants to promote a kid.
  10. this is why Tbar sucks. A self proclaimed homer who starts hedging against his own team to look smart in the 11th hour.
  11. There is some askren, and I think its also a bit coincidental. we'll know i'm wrong if Amos turns into a scrambling counter puncher.
  12. Dude you can have this one I'm not up to a philosophical/sematic discussion on this point.
  13. If the forums is whatever you want....your argument is nonsensical. Have you ever played a sport?
  14. This forum is for exchanging ideas, its not supposed to be a party atmosphere. Sports is not theatre.
  15. I didn't say he did. He seems like he's cleaned up his act somewhat.
  16. This is such a stupid point. Its like saying we need more people like Hitler because he was so good at organizing. I'm not anti-desanto but saying he gets a pass on acting like a lunatic because he wrestles hard is idiotic.
  17. Wow you're really teaching that non-existent person you are arguing against a lesson!
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