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  1. thats close to where i am at. He had a pinky toe in "trying to win", 7 toes in "save face and i am crazy" and two toes in "hurt the guy".
  2. I think its a miracle he beat myle martin
  3. This is silly imho. Morality only applies when its easy? its the opposite of reality.
  4. its really hard to separate the idiocy from the malice... but I'm not worried about it I just thought it was worth a mention.
  5. Guys who just lose and freak out constantly? Unrelated comment, Desanto is funny because his worst antics come after wins not losses.
  6. You can't say it at the time...but I'll defend Desanto a little, was he really trying to injure Micic, or was he just doing whatever crazy thing he thought he had to do win the match in the last fleeting seconds? That statement can be pulled apart but I'll just say I don't think he decideed after a certain point to change policy from "win the match" to "rip arm off".
  7. Not the tech aspect, the two four minutes periods part. Taylor said he wanted no techs, 4 minute periods.
  8. it depends if Downey could get cautioned out or not...there would be lots of backing up.
  9. No way this is true, unless the Flo Bros are completely incompetent. Covering for Downey, even though they shouldn't have to, its perfectly reasonable to reject a change in format that doesn't help your chances of winning at all.
  10. I've been defending that statement the whole time....you haven't responded.
  11. I'm sure they are both great guys on the personal level, social media melts some peoples brains. I'd like to think most the dumb stuff I say is on here as well.
  12. "Guys like me"? People making mild, grounded observations about him that cause you to freak out? I didn't belittle his accomplishments I just pointed out that they aren't the reason he gets so much media attention.
  13. If you are saying Rau is that much more tired and won by that big a margin I guess PD3 just got out toughed....
  14. I am fine with him branding himself, I just object to A) if you are going to brand yourself and chase the spotlight, you cant be this thin skinned its hypocritical, B) the childish refusal to admit that he is so overexposed for a guy of his ability.
  15. You didn't answer my question....thank god we got politics involved though, talk about dropping an intellectual smoke bomb and bolting for the door.
  16. Take those results, compare them to say...James Green, now compare the amount of coverage.....whats the difference?
  17. ....do chunks of granite have heads? Maybe you should have said Mt. Rushmore?
  18. Whose more insecure PD3, Trump, or an overweight teenager forced at gunpoint to streak across the 50 year line during the super bowl?
  19. That lineup has got to be the most high school credentialed team Cornell has ever put out right? I don't think I've ever seen them with a lineup that compared to tOSU, OSU, or PSU in terms of "talent".....hell I'm not sure Iowa did it till last year.
  20. is there a lineup prediction in this thread someone could quote? normally I wouldn't be such a diva, but I didn't decide to put a whole forum in a topic.
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