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  1. He isn't really good for the image of the program....
  2. Physics versus Kinesiology is a big difference.....
  3. so glad i haven't looked at this topic till today
  4. Unless it's "it was all KJs fault" no. Honest Question did something else come out? I feel slightly bad for not reading all 50 pages
  5. Have there been any pertinent information or novel ideas so far?
  6. I messaged him privately about our bet, asked him to give the money to the ASPCA and screenshot me some confirmation. He just said "ok".
  7. is this comment supposed to be pertinent to the conversation or are you just saying something you can say about any d1 coach for no reason
  8. Here is an angle, did some sort of rift open up spurred by Dean being too into coaching his brother? This combined with some other complicating factors could cause an issue.
  9. Yeah whats with that, a shout out to the donor behind spartan?
  10. Mine too...what does that even mean?
  11. unless they screwed him over somehow....but hard to imagine how that would be.
  12. Hard to think what else it could be, its not traditional scholarship situation so I don't think they are rationing $... As far as timing goes it seems like this is connected to the trials, wonder if that's a coincidence.
  13. If Dean getting beat by Loew, Foca?
  14. the whole point of this stupid topic is the OP slipping in Gable being the best wrestler "by a mile", when he isn't even the best wrestler.
  15. Short of rewarding Cox for missing weight by just dropping him into the finals, there is not solution that isn't patently insane. USAW should have done what they do behind closed doors and just let Cox wrestle despite weighing in 20 minutes late or whatever. These stupid bureaucracies never do the right thing, they are too confused.
  16. It's such a jerk move. I'm glad people are finally figuring this out, probably for the same reason they are realizing Mark Hall isn't that good, the PSU sheep don't care now
  17. I bet he would pretend to not know Cox's name if asked.
  18. No....the point is for people to earn the spots, the same way the titles. If the point was selection, we would compete in a regular way, and then select the champions.
  19. Regardless this is a catastrophic error on part of both athlete and coach. It's indicative of some sort of character flaw we as a fan base are unaware of.
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