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  1. retweeting just an apology is a pretty schizophrenic approach to journalism
  2. Flo would have announced it by now...instead they are continuing to undermine their own integrity by saying nothing about it on there homepage. If they do drop him from the card they hit the trifecta of cowardice: Ignore the issue till they figure out what everyone wants them to do, do what makes you look "woke", and hurt the sport.
  3. The great thing about him bashing Greco is that he should have gone that route.....
  4. I was searching myself. Its quite possible this is more closely related to the things that ran him out of every other place he has trained.
  5. They definitely haggled about the weight, no way this was a mix up.
  6. its in the tweets, Downey brags about his great weight cut and drops that Taylor demanded a scratch weigh-in, Taylor says that are getting 3.5 kilos, Downey subsequently tweeted @flowrestling asking them to back him up....no response.
  7. This falls under the idea that being paid to train by the NJRTC is not a constitutional right correct? I am sorta fascinated by legal stuff.
  8. Why doesnt Flo say who is lying about the weigh in? One of em is.
  9. The BLM movement isn't exactly concerned with the knowledge, or accurate interpretation of history.
  10. Too bad LBJ gave up after Flo went silent about the weigh in....
  11. Of course, I just want to know who is lying about the weigh in. And why Flo is silent on the subject.
  12. I appreciate the sentiment but, these events indicate less need for my insightful contributions.
  13. Fantasy match up would be Pletcher as a 106 in high school vs Matt Anderson from Lehigh, who i was told was a 6 foot state champion at 103....
  14. No one would care if not for the bizarre physical matchup...which interests me intensely.
  15. So LBJ is: A)Taylor lying B) Downey is lying (and contradicting himself and had the most inexplicable loss of weight in human history) and banking on Flo backing him up again?
  16. Why are you making false statements meant to diminish the accomplishments of Stieber?
  17. Thats a great argument, you're just not responding to anyone.
  18. So you won a semantic argument and then piggy backed me on the actual argument.
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