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  1. This drives me nuts. A boot school is a duck off elbow control which he did, however he also had the afore mentioned drag baseball slide thing. They look very similar but are totally different skills. Kinda like when people see a cross knee pick and scream "DRESSER DUMP".
  2. It looks like he doesn't like to train until he's embarrassed.
  3. Not sold on "Mark Perry the great coach" myself. I'm not saying he isn't good, but he comes up in the conversation too often.
  4. Are you Tbar? Make a trendy (but stupid) prediction to look smart and then say something mean spirited?
  5. He said its where he has always wanted to go, like sense childhood it sounded like. I don't know how that could be anything but Iowa or PSU...but he's not a great fit in either lineup...though Iowa does way better with its small guys than PSU....but Eirmans style isn't exactly Iowa and PSU doesn't really have a style they just coach everyone great....I got no clue.
  6. are you trying to prove my point...they are a college team, you are throwing out a guy who never reached his potential in folk and a guy who graduated 10 years ago.
  7. Is martin scamming willy? Willy's video mentioned martin getting squeezed out of flo...
  8. He said no NCAAs this year. video on flo.
  9. that would be a lonely moment in paradise for Bo.
  10. I had an account already. Basically Willy doesn't think Flo is good at telling the truth
  11. na it was of the three stooges getting stuck in a doorway.
  12. trying to post a gif of the transfer portal....not working
  13. yeah he seemed like a soldier, and mizzu is such a solid program....
  14. No I made up him talking to his coaches to make him look bad.......give it up dude.
  15. Just admit you had not point and were being a tool.
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