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  1. yeah plus chamizo is just too athletic. I think Zain is a fairly modest athlete when compared to other 3 timers.
  2. you're a real coward when it comes to straight questions.
  3. I'll bet you 100$ he isn't in a UFC title fight in the next 3 years.
  4. I didn't say F up, I said couldn't maintain a training situation or a coach. Your list has to have guys who went to 4 colleges, a club, and a sponsor...so 6 rejections deeps...despite a lot of talent.
  5. Not necessary, but i'll put it this way, Downey can't maintain a training environment or a coach, he isn't gonna succeed in MMA. If he was he would have dumped wrestling long ago, just for the attention.
  6. this is when your lack of experience shows
  7. You mean the new kid at Minnesota, OSU, tOSU and then PSU?
  8. Will they get Taylor Burroughs In 4.0? Sorry not trying to derail.
  9. Whats you basis for thinking this? Even if its true why on earth does it matter?
  10. I kept reading but I never got to the part where they say, "Downey, who has the slight disadvantage of turning all of his training situations completely toxic within a few months..."
  11. F*** them. LJB was right, they were never gonna go, so they formatted the US open as if it was an olympic year, and then threw out some nonsense about the US Open winners "likely" going so they would only be 98% lying.
  12. Put the pom poms down. Hating on a kid for doing an interview isn't a great look.
  13. I don't know why you give LBJ so much credit he has a bit of an issue not responding himself....
  14. There is no conceivable justification for them saying the US Open Winners would "likely" be the reps. It just makes USAW look corrupt and stupid.
  15. Not to interrupt, but Taylor just wrote on instagram "World Championships in 2 month...I'll be ready!" So apparently he isn't worried.
  16. If that was their endgame I think they would just claim fear for the safety of athletes/families etc as a rationale for not sending a team...but we'll see how it plays out.
  17. Well what is the financial incentive for USAW to make themselves look stupid by throwing in the word "likely". How does this help them when they could have said nothing, or "we will determine a procedure when worlds is confirmed".
  18. In my experience a lot more bad decisions are caused by incompetence than malice, but point taken.
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