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  1. this is why Tbar sucks. A self proclaimed homer who starts hedging against his own team to look smart in the 11th hour.
  2. i say yes. low placers should get more points.
  3. There is some askren, and I think its also a bit coincidental. we'll know i'm wrong if Amos turns into a scrambling counter puncher.
  4. Dude you can have this one I'm not up to a philosophical/sematic discussion on this point.
  5. If the forums is whatever you want....your argument is nonsensical. Have you ever played a sport?
  6. This forum is for exchanging ideas, its not supposed to be a party atmosphere. Sports is not theatre.
  7. This is such a stupid point. Its like saying we need more people like Hitler because he was so good at organizing. I'm not anti-desanto but saying he gets a pass on acting like a lunatic because he wrestles hard is idiotic.
  8. Wow you're really teaching that non-existent person you are arguing against a lesson!
  9. Na the status quo is fine. You're not ruining my day or anything.
  10. You have been you are really vapid and annoying.
  11. Are you trying to say something? I'd like to respond but its like a lurker post there isn't anything there.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, he doesn't know any wrestling but we have our manners police.
  13. Lurker's posts are just empty snarky posturing.
  14. yeah it wasn't a great twist from "great team with many interesting personalities competing for a national title"
  15. He mistakes cynicism for intelligence.
  16. The eventual title was "Veritas"
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