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  1. 33 minutes ago, Iscored2onu said:

    This topic is based on someone who wants to promote a kid? lol  

    I coached college wrestling in Iowa and wrestled there my whole life.  No...this post is from a fan of wrestling and someone that wants to give more exposure to the sport.  As I said in my post, many of us probably know about him, but there's a whole other side of the sport that doesn't follow it as closely.....see the responses above.  So don't flatter yourself...

    You agreed with me and said I was wrong in the same sentence.

  2. 4 hours ago, balanceseeker said:

    Sorry to disagree with a post from two years ago but I have to disagree.  Palmer was a freaking animal with a modified power half and is often overlooked because he doesn't have the standard leg rider body type.  He was a Mitch Clark disciple in high school and initially signed with Hellickson mainly because of Clark (from what I understand).  When Tom Ryan was hired prior to his freshman year Palmer re-committed to tOSU despite the change in coaching staff.  

    he didn't turn people he was a boring wrestler

  3. 5 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    Didn't you just argue that forums are only for this purpose?  Or are you trying to claim that I am arguing that exchanging ideas is nonsensical, and then mock me for your own self-created point that you have attributed to me?

    Dude you can have this one I'm not up to a philosophical/sematic discussion on this point.

  4. 9 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    A forum can be whatever you want it to be, ideas are often exchanged at parties.  Sports is 1000% theater.  It's only purpose for spectators is to entertain.  It's just the gladiator "games" put into more modern, more palatable contexts.

    If the forums is whatever you want....your argument is nonsensical.

    Have you ever played a sport?

  5. 5 hours ago, VakAttack said:

    Man, some of you seems like real "life of the party" types.  Outside of Desanto's two very public issues where guys could have been (but thankfully weren't) hurt 2+ years ago, everything else is all good theater, which is all sports are:  theater.  We've got all different kinds of it, but only the Iowa guys (and Gable Steveson) seem to catch any flak for it.  We've got Minnesota fans , with Gable on the team right now AND a history of Mike Thorn existing, getting upset about Desanto.

    This forum is for exchanging ideas, its not supposed to be a party atmosphere. Sports is not theatre.  

  6. 52 minutes ago, Daybreak said:

    The majority of the posters here seem to be fools. I’m saying wrestling needs people like ADS that makes the sport entertaining. Wrestling needs people like Nolf, Bo, ADS, RBY, spencer Lee, the pletcher of this year that draws in crowds and make the sport fun to watch. Wrestling was falling off a cliff a few years ago. 

    This is such a stupid point. Its like saying we need more people like Hitler because he was so good at organizing.

    I'm not anti-desanto but saying he gets a pass on acting like a lunatic because he wrestles hard is idiotic.

  7. 1 hour ago, Daybreak said:

    You’re right. My bad. Who would want to watch entertainment in a sport that has struggled to remain in the olympics and even in programs. I for one would rather watch two guys not scoring for 3 periods. Sure wouldn’t want to change the channel for that excitement. Especially if wrestling wasn’t my thing and football or ufc was on. 

    Wow you're really teaching that non-existent person you are arguing against a lesson!

  8. 1 hour ago, Lurker said:

    I understand that. But there’s a big difference in speculating out loud, and posting in a tone of authority on what someone is thinking, and making judgements on them based on what you think they are thinking. And I’m not saying your post was doing that. My point was it gets a little out of hand and sometimes people need to be reminded that...of course none of us know what is going on inside his head. And just like it’s okay to speculate, it’s just as okay to call it out when it does get out of hand. 

    Ladies and gentlemen, he doesn't know any wrestling but we have our manners police.

  9. 20 minutes ago, Eagle26 said:

    Message boards are for speculation and I don’t think there is anything with trying to draw your own conclusions based on evidence. More evidence will surface shortly, but from what we have seen, he doesn’t seem interested in losing weight or taking a serious run at the Olympics 

    Lurker's posts are just empty snarky posturing. 

  10. 12 minutes ago, gimpeltf said:

    They turned it into being about Jon's battles with rage fueled by people playing with his glasses used to protect his eyes after his retinal detachment.

    yeah it wasn't a great twist from "great team with many interesting personalities competing for a national title" 

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