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  1. wow you paraphrased a match and then said you were interested to see snyder wrestle sadulaev! Great post.
  2. you guys are ignoring the fact that Dake has closed the gap dramatically. I think its because he is now large for the weight, but regardless, all these smug remarks are pretty lame.
  3. has trolling reached the point where we have people impersonating peoples parents?
  4. I think his application error was sending it to the wrong school.
  5. That doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing to say. You're one of those people who admire paris hilton obviously.
  6. very foolish to brag about something that can't be proven or disproven, particularly if its a mystery because of the bragger.
  7. ok so you're one of those people who thinks if they keep talking they get to win the argument. good luck buddy.
  8. no actually you are saying Snyder can't get gutted.....so who is saying someone is superhuman?
  9. I am cautiously optimistic based on the fact that snyder has a pretty large torso, and based on the insane positions he is capable of lifting dudes from, an insanely strong core. But as stated earlier.....no, if saduleav gets on top of him i don't think he will have ever felt anything like it.
  10. this is the most truthful and articulate knock on ASU i have seen
  11. its obviously propaganda designed to dispel their robotic reputations.
  12. they're obviously trying to get to where they can win the recruiting battle down low and work their way up i.
  13. I bash Heil all the time, but he has it mentally, he aint gonna break down and start getting turned. He can beat retherford, but thats not news, very similar to Dake Taylor. I don't think Heil is as good as Dake, is retherford better than taylor?
  14. does it? I thought it was a fair response, not sure if i was missing some theme within ur post.
  15. As usual, they are gonna have a few good kids and barely sniff a trophy.
  16. People are asking when dake is gonna take over, he hasn't exactly had an easy road, he might start to have diminishing returns. That said I think Burroughs is already showing some wear and tear.
  17. na ramos. just needs a really good spot in the bracket.
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