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  1. it isn't bigger news because all the cards are so close to the vest, rest assured the hysteria is coming.
  2. I love it when people argue by implying their willful ignorance....
  3. To pull a bubba I would say its required that you also be a massive underdog. So no.
  4. I like how PD2 constantly tries to drag politics into everything....its a good way to resolve an argument
  5. thats a pretty disjointed argument...(sgallan about pico vs cejudo)
  6. based on the post above mine i thought you were trying to remember jtts
  7. you'll also quit posting immediately and water down some other fan base
  8. your right, I am sorry. The intended purpose of this topic was not the discussion of the best high school wrestler, it was just to share a highlight video of a great wrestler who succeeded at all levels, which i think is fair game for the college forum. Me pointing out that Tbar likes to post content we have all seen or would have seen if we wanted has no context and was just some mean spirited stuff i couldn't resist blurting out.
  9. its not in the high school forum because it was spawned by Tbars naive assumption that he is the only person on this forum who visits flowrestling.
  10. Lets just wait until Intermat updates the article, tomorrow they are posting "Top 10 High School Wrestlers Now in Jail for Crystal Meth and/or Child Abuse"
  11. I think Pico is worthy of mention. Main detraction is his abbreviated career, so the stats aren't really there, but I'm more impressed by a junior world loss to Yazdani chariti at 65 Kilos (right?) than dominating junior worlds at a low weight. My previous statement is somewhat unfair, because I am convicting Lee of being smaller than pico, but I think I could make a better argument for pico being one of the best in the world while in high school than I can for Lee.
  12. I just have to point out this is the worst named topic i have ever encountered.
  13. There was a great quote on Ty Cobb, it kinda reminds me of the character and quality of PDII posts. "He'd climb a mountain to punch an echo."
  14. You seem to be appealing to the notion that the comparison is completely ridiculous, and I think you are overreaching when you do that. And no I don't think taylor was better than Dake, but I wouldn't say that someone who did was being completely nonsensical.
  15. I'll tell you one thing, Pendleton would have demolished Pat Downey!
  16. I bet pendleton out bonus pointed Dake his last two years, you could argue based on that. He's more comparable to those guys than Bigmik is trying to imply, but his legacy isn't anywhere near as important so the comparison seems ludicrous to people who can't get passed fan mentality.
  17. I still don't understand what the point of this thread is at all....
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