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  1. that characterization is way out of line and I would delete it if I were you.
  2. Its a good question. One of the very few almost air tight examples is AJ Schopp, for the simple reason that Seth Gross, after limited exposure to him, now rides exactly like he did and is dominating tough people in that position. That only speaks to one aspect of coaching, but Gross didn't ride a back hook before did he? I also think Perry is overrated.
  3. Chamizo When was the last time Oliver wrestled a foreigner?
  4. I think Snyder would be as effective at Heavyweight by default. His career won't be defined by the new weights.
  5. you root for kids because they are poor citizens? What if he wrestles someone who isn't on their 12th school?
  6. why would he want to worry about his IQ? that wouldn't help either stupid.
  7. I don't think it will and if it did I don't think its a desirable thing.
  8. Dehydration induced coma or retherford induced...its his choice i guess.
  9. i don't even think hawk fanatic is an iowa fan....just trying to make em look dumb.
  10. All my experience with Slay is second hand, that said people just don't like the guy. This doesn't bode well for him acting as a CEO fundraising type either.
  11. i hope not. penn will suffer under slay.
  12. You don't have to call it hype at this point, I think he is clearly vastly improved, and a pure freestyler at this point. Another thing for Cox, he's not gonna get tired. Part of it is style, part of it is how sturdy and strong he is, and part of it is that I just haven't seen him gas that I can recall, but regardless thats a big strength of taylors that I don't think it gonna show up in the match. I'm talking myself out of my Taylor prediction.....
  13. I think Burroughs and Dake are a lot closer in mindset (in terms of how good it is )than Cox and Taylor are. But if you want to hash out all the distinctions between what you said about Dake and what I just said please start another topic and we can do it. I was kind of enjoying this one and don't want to pollute it.
  14. Being relaxed is part of his mindset silly. I really hurt your feelings huh?
  15. you are such a mean spirited little thing. Someone mentions Iowa and PSU in the same sentence an you start squirming.
  16. The most common criticism of Cox has been that he isn't committed, because he just recently chose his path, but I think this is a huge misunderstanding of who Cox is and his strengths. The guy wasn't going to decide unless he knew he was ready to commit 100%. His relaxed attitude towards the whole situation, and refusal to invent BS pressure for himself is why he is good, and rare competitor. If they are tied, or say Taylor is up by one with a minute left, would anyone pick Taylor? I'm picking him because I think he'll be up by 3.
  17. Tough Choice. Taylor looks super good obviously, but Cox is kinda like Dake, better at winning than wrestling. I'm taking Taylor, based on the idea that Taylor is significantly better than Cox, but if he is just marginally better he isn't gonna beat him. Assuming they wrestle.*
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