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  1. so was the room so sour all those guys left because Perry left? Did they leave because of him and he got fired for it? Does he just not want to be a college coach? Odd given his statements in his documentary. Is he moving to an island to fight for the safety issues associated with falling coconuts? I'm very intrigued.
  2. If Perry leaves, this all reflects very poorly on someone. If not I'll accept it as a coincidence.
  3. HH wanted everyone to know he knew something before they did....
  4. When Herbert SMASHES taylor we'll have an insight...
  5. it might be if ISU had sniffed Iowa in a decade...
  6. Something is rotten in Champaign.....
  7. Something is rotten in denmark.....
  8. I would say that Jenkins is the most overrated wrestler in the history of the NCAA, if not for remembering he beat Darrion Caldwell, who i think was pretty great. I still can't quit process that he cradled taylor like that, it was so bizarre and anti-climatic feeling. I think fittery and st. john are both better than Jenkins, and would say taylors wins aren't very flashy, but he is defined more by bonus pointing guys like Kokesh.
  9. I was just musing about the logistics. There are some fascinating quirks to having duals under such bizarre circumstances.
  10. Under mat heaters aren't gonna do anything but keep the mats from being hard as rocks
  11. It's a lot better than the recruiting ones
  13. I'm not convinced Green won't medal, but even if he does it doesn't make him a tougher folkstyle wrestler. This stuff about Eggum and especially Vering is complete nonsense. But honestly I guess I can't claim to not be impressed (in the context of the conversation) with Trenge and Eggum, sense their reputations rest on different foundations, so I wouldn't be arguing honestly if I didn't admit one....I probably just got annoyed when someone said "Cael was just that good" as if they were the first to figure it out.
  14. It was Eric Olanowski who was DQ'd wrestling Johni Dejuliois to my recollection...
  15. is brewer staying down? I heard he was a sleeper last year because he spent the whole year getting down to weight...
  16. You are the one who started this by saying we needed to consider the toughness of the opponents Cael faced! IMHO his opponents were weaker than Stieber's also.
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