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  1. and you don't know the difference between thomas gilman and pat downey
  2. lol That doesn't mean anymore than him saying he'll wrestle elvis at WNO. You claimed someone agreed and pulled out! Stop making stuff up.
  3. Well for one thing our senior level athletes are much better supported now. They have schedules with peaks and valleys, and no reason to haphazardly commit to a random folk tournament.
  4. you knew and forgot? anyone else not believe it....
  5. its odd when people try to insult others by lying about things that just make themselves look pathetic
  6. again the only person on the forum who brags about being totally phony... (i had my wisdom teeth out yesterday so I am probably going to be polluting the forum a lot)
  7. i'm just trying to give that post some meaning!
  8. that one was kind of a novelty act though. And forgive the characterization, but who isn't amused at the idea of two notoriously out of shape wrestlers throwing haymakers till the bitter end.
  9. i think it was implied that the lame arguments between me and others flooded the topic with garbage. that may have been his point
  10. No one is gonna take your word for it dude. You have been on here insisting waaaaay too hard from the first moment. Obviously you have an axe to grind or are just a weirdo.
  11. LJBs point seems to be that we have to believe in the complete transparency of tOSU and Tom Ryan....sorry not signing up for that one.
  12. go baaaaa with the rest of the sheep. I'll try to figure this weird event out.
  14. this is all garbage. No apparent injury via what track posted. I wouldn't be skeptical if not for the first undiagnosable injury of the 21st century.
  15. conner dad I'll edit that, because you are right it isn't in the article, but thats the most flattering diagnosis i know for "mystery injury."
  16. little obscure, but randy lewis' 1982 world semi is one of the best matches ever.
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