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  1. How did cejudo not expose, that was amazing
  2. was that our first 4 of the night?
  3. I wouldn't think so, Cejudo is much older
  4. I am praying for Ramos, whom i don't like at all.
  5. no he didn't say "brother" or creep me out once.
  6. they think he was on the mat defending a shot
  7. Nice on the attendance. That was a cool pushout, no joke.
  8. they'd better not dick over welch
  9. st john looks like he is in agonizing pain already
  10. We shouldn't be so critical but the broadcast seems so professional sometimes and so amateur at others.
  11. You didn't think Casber's USA chant was authentic?
  12. what are they challenging? Whether stroker was really hurt?
  13. alright now i am frozen up and can't get it back
  14. it has about twice for me, started it over
  15. Casber and sparks need to go into different lines of work. Don't call him an Iowan the PA morons will get offended.
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