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  1. I don't think it was as one sided as all that. But yeah what everyone else said all along was right, Zain needs some experience.
  2. in all seriousness, don't root against the kid.
  3. good for you Housebuye. there are good implementations of political correctness. I am a free speech absolutest but certain words should dwindle away if society is going in the right direction.
  4. so you support universities having vindictive attitudes towards their student athletes when they transfer?
  5. if you'd put PD3 in timeout every once in awhile he'd probably be better off.
  6. As soon as PD3 does! Does anything make someone look more gay than constant homophobic insults?
  7. ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Did you audition to be that crazy clown in the up coming IT remake?
  8. WW2 was caused by the excessive and crippling reparations imposed on Germany after WW1. However if you are referring to PD2s "O'Doyle RULES" brand of discourse i am in agreement.
  9. Can you imagine PD2 around regular people, maybe in a softball game, just standing up and walking away. "Hey Pat where ya going" "To fight the whole internet, and maintain my sons sterling reputation. Bye"
  10. people put a lot of time in checking rosters...you know thats gonna be the absolute last place the final word get to.
  12. the people trumpeting about coxs' awful performance are idiots.
  13. not if ersland was doing a really bad job
  14. isn't lesson #1 not to make ridiculous emotion driven bets?
  15. this is the first time ever someone has given trump credit for something he hasn't given himself credit for already.
  16. just curious, how do you know its not?
  17. uh oh...you're letting your inferiority complex show!
  18. Can I fund a documentary/episode of cops about whats gonna happen when its time to pay off this bet?
  19. he can win that situation when his legs went in, not a good decision given the opponent though.
  20. Yeah "grow," cause of course he is only 21 and still a growing boy....
  21. lol, imagine if the only thing between you and national title was getting into school. or is he just delaying admission so he can skip that pesky high volume pre-season?
  22. if we are on the same page now i am happy
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