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  1. Yeah but it has to happen first. I think he is kind of an after thought at this point, but just because he of his overall career, not because of his wrestling this year.
  2. I think his hodge bid is securely above nolf martinez or retherford. Its not head and shoulders above, but I think he is officially superior in every criteria at this point. Unfortunately I am one of those who think Snyder is the only choice and was last year too...
  3. "that man can squeeze more words into the smallest thought of anyone i have ever met"
  4. Saylor puts him at the #4 in the hodge race.
  5. Also people who look for "phenoms" and "the next big thing" are sheep and bleet it out a lot.
  6. Gilman isn't very positive, intelligent(at least verbally), humble or generous. You wouldn't follow him into battle anywhere.
  7. free points.......you must have voted for hillary
  8. his performance is nothing short of phenomenal
  9. Cael has a lot of new comer fans who have no idea what is going on and wouldn't know when to complain.
  10. Tbar understands the sport from the perspective of a coach/wrestler less than any other poster.
  11. it doesn't look like he was...
  12. Heil already had to pull his kessel card
  13. i would say the james bond of the 80's.
  14. I kinda think of Zane as the poor mans Nato.
  15. i hate it when someone responds to a post of mine and they still don't understand the initial post.
  16. Hall would have been crazy to go to Nebraska. They get excellent talent and do an extremely modest amount with it.
  17. Btw.... watch how fast he pulled the trigger on Lewis. #Johnsmithhaspicturesofmeandgoats
  18. This and a burroughs tweet i saw concerning having the scuffle/midlands in the same place at the same time are the best ideas i've heard in awhile.
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