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  1. That's a really fun lineup. Definitely gonna be my team next year.
  2. I wish my family had a gang mentality...
  3. There is no message board where that post was helpful or intelligent.
  4. is PD3 going to feel like himself if he gets in shape?
  5. I am cynical about some injury situations, but the kid should be looking super long term, certainly at risk for peaking to early, he needs to take a lot of time now, "crave the mat" sort of thing.
  6. You are denying that Penn States fan base has increased with its success. So...you're dumb or dishonest take your pick. Both is also an option.
  7. Really dumb post. Apparently you are making the point that recruits should forfeit their future to ride a bandwagon. Guys....its not enough to be sarcastic, you have to actually be implying something meaningful.
  8. Well you have Nickal taking first, I have it on very good authority that someone has too much horsepower for him.
  9. Just because you don't understand the sport well enough to make an articulate bet doesn't mean people who do are on a "fools errand". Just say "I need this dumbed down."
  10. I wouldn't place a wager with someone who prides themselves on their willful ignorance.
  11. He is kinda like the loser dake...who is right there with burroughs.....
  12. how do you think Suriano is gonna have problems staying healthy? Looks to me like his injury was basically a freak thing, its not like he has a troy nickerson shoulder or something
  13. can't speak for Jeff and Jim, but Bo doesn't really seem to belong in the convo. Looked like he was gonna as a freshmen but hasn't really held up.
  14. Correct. I should have said this was a mental lapse on his opponents side more than anything, but kudos to cruz for looking for the fall in this situation.
  15. ur not supposed to get pinned in tilts guys.....
  16. I just get the feeling fix is growing as a wrestler. Lee has had injuries. Suriano's situation is gonna have diminishing returns in my opinion... Its gonna come down to who really loves to wrestle and eliminates the negatives influences/distractions.
  17. I bet Lee doesn't redshirt. They get so many college ready kids it hardly even makes sense for PSU anymore.
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