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  1. The hugging is more of a cultural thing. I think most americans who hug are being cheesy, but other countries are a little more ritualistic than ours.
  2. if you were going for the twain quote you have to say "death"
  3. they are posting substantiated facts. Are you a Taylor fanboy?
  4. Everyone can watch the matches, everyone can see the results. Whats the icing on the cake? Personality. Wrestling is the most intimate sport, Flo is doing nothing wrong by using that currency.
  5. PS this needed top be covered and FLO would have been irresponsible to ignore it. PSS It was only embarrassing for Taylor
  6. The #1 flaw of Flowrestling is that some of its correspondents obviously harbor a sycophantic admiration for the athletes they cover. This is the polar opposite of TMZ which focuses on tearing down celebrity images.
  7. Yeah just like twitter where no one knows what you said
  8. btw it's hilarious this is being talked about sense Habat wouldn't be wrestling for slovenia if he had a choice.
  9. people just don't understand, THERE ARE NO STYLE POINTS.
  10. taylor has had some brutal losses, even going back to high school, it was different after the trials.
  11. Understandable on your part, and really still a pretty goofy thing for him to say.
  12. is he the dumb one or do you not know the difference between the korean war and WW2?
  13. He went out of his way to say something today, and you don't have to be freud to know his motivation.
  14. i was trying not to suppose very much, just had to ask with all the twitter talk.
  15. he's not gonna look great every time. no one does at worlds
  16. no they work for both. Taylor told askren and rowlands on their podcast that he couldn't get in shape while acclimating to the new weight.
  17. you give the impression of someone engaged in an argument you don't know much about....
  18. sorry i have to ask....are you a trump supporter?
  19. This is surprising. SD seems like they have it going on. and Schopp obviously had a wonderful direct impact on gross. Guess $ was a factor.
  20. Yeah back in the day when men were men like me......
  21. Taylor is better wrestling. Cox is better at winning.
  22. get real dude these aren't kids. they are adults and ego is a factor.
  23. I'm assuming its been said, but in addition to being in poor taste, Taylors tweet was completely off base. Cox wrestled his style and stuck to it, he's not great in a deficit. I hope taylor takes the time to compliment Gilman's late match efforts.
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