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  1. literacy and wresting are officially linked.
  2. this would be an interesting visual, snyders frame isn't very big
  3. its fairly obvious, they wanted to go top academic/athletic schools. In order to make that work, I think you really have to be patient in terms of your athletic success.
  4. bad luck. hopefully NW stays committed to wrestling.
  5. I watch hughes every chance I get, but has he ever turned a top ten guy?
  6. If marstellar is gonna get passes on being a head case I think Alex Meyer should get a pass for being a modest athlete.
  7. You have hall way too high. The most underplayed story of last year is the calls he got on his way to the title.
  8. I was never inclined to give perry a lot of credit, but its undeniable he is leaving a large void at illinois
  9. before i click on that, I just want to say I believe there is a %3 chance it is what it claims....here we go....
  10. Big Step in the right direction for Iowa
  11. No guarantee the film exists. It was the final of some obscure open. Sanderson also had an overtime match with Lee Weber the match before. Clearly he isn't going to look like the sanderson we are accustomed to. People who drop Snyders freshmen year losses are ignoring how beatable Sanderson was as a true freshmen. If he'd been thrown right in he would have lost a handful of times.
  12. i have watched Jenn vs Sanderson #2, where sanderson teched him in Iowa city. Sanderson was a way clumsier wrestler back then.
  13. because it would normalize the comparison of the two.
  14. If you didn't pretend to be smart so often it wouldn't be annoying that you just fawn over the best guys.
  15. BTW RIP Paul Jenn. Nothing related to the topic but a good opportunity to instill some gratitude.
  16. Yeah here is an example of cael getting worn out and beat to balance out the topic.
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