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  1. How about what is greater, Robby's cheesiness or Rulons cheese consumption?
  2. Spencer will be in a way better training situation than if he were at Penn State.
  3. its a shame he did a 180 and decided to try and take the 2018 NCAA tournament away from him too. I have no problem with Cael playing hard ball. This ultra naive propaganda about the whole issue being Cael caring too much about suriano is intolerable. That ain't what went down.
  4. Yeah Heil pinned him. That was when he made a sorta legendary run, won it as a 7th seed.
  5. Who said he is gonna bury them? my bad found it.
  6. I was on here pretty much all day Saturday, on and off, but I was sitting by my smoker cooking a brisket and couldn't leave. Does that qualify as productive?
  7. How do we know that is what I he implying? If it is, I don't think for a second that he is doing anything but posturing to save face. No Way he was anywhere near reasonably healthy and Cael held him out.
  8. wrong, i went back because it said "soriano". Willing to admit defeat yet? (thread ruined)
  9. i'll submit myself to the arbitration of the crowd....
  10. there is no intellectual integrity to BTFBs arguments...he got way too many participation trophies as a kid.
  11. well i should have put it this way. I think Molinaro his senior year was a top 10 leg rider ever.....
  12. I'll just ruin this topic right now.... Did Cael handle the suriano situation ethically?
  13. you don't know what terminal means, and didn't bother to look it up...
  14. you are just some phony front running fan of theirs, I asked when someone attacked PSU.
  15. He is definitely making it up as he goes along.
  16. whats an example of one of these vicious PSU attacks?
  17. There is nothing wrong with what you said, its a BTFB vortex thing.
  18. I have no way of knowing if BTFB is the dumbest poster on this forum, but I am certain he is the worst at hiding whatever stupidity he has.
  19. So I have to wrestle spencers lees matches for him?
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