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  1. I've heard multiple people who don't know each other say "I'm done betting against hell". But I'm not! Yianni all the way!
  2. i don't know how it works at the ultra elite level but sometimes these guys cut back on their peaks and matches per year. It depends on how snyders body is holding up. he looks pretty sturdy to me.
  3. if you think i childishly compensate for my lack of knowledge by referring everything back to my meager personal experience no matter what the context, your post holds merit.
  4. yep. he was a cross body guy too, best turn was the "deemo." Moore is very similar to molinaro in that he got great late.
  5. not everything is about PSU..... Ironically, by the criteria I am applying, Molinaro is a better leg rider than Dake. By his senior year he was turning everybody, He just doesn't register that way because it was only for a year.
  6. Excuse me for being a stickler, but are you saying A) no aesthetics correlate with smoking pot B) there are aesthetic correlations but tattoos aren't one of them C) Everyone who stigmatizes pot is a prisoner of right wing propaganda? Sorry when I argue with someone l like for them to actually have something to say, not just make nonsensical sarcastic comments (the DARE line made no sense).
  7. I don't count Dake because he wasn't a prolific turner, and he rode with about tool in the chest, didn't seem to care as long as he was on top. I think his first two years he used them more as an equalizer, but didn't need em later.
  8. Sheets, Retherford, Churella? I got started on this cause I finally found some film of sheets, haven't seen much of churella. Please don't derail the conversation with a bunch of guys who won by just clinging on for dear life. And I don't mean the best wrestler who rode legs either. For instance Taylor rode legs, but he had such a huge and diverse skill set on top i wouldn't count him.
  9. transferring is not a good sign in general. They have obstacles.
  10. if they got 4th every year they'd be the best recruiting team. looks like my suspicion that they just try to have a few relevant kids at once is totally substantiated
  11. i added a period so you could understand. He got busted for something, not a crime to wonder what.
  12. he is covered with tattoos and has wild unkempt hair. The hole vibe is very rebellious. Pretty dumb question.
  13. well what was involved? Diarrhetics? He cuts a lot of weight. Weed? He looks like someone who smokes weed. Cocaine? Only thing I ever read was "a stimulant".
  14. 141 is packed with people on the zain rutherford diet
  15. nebraska lives is this cute little place where you recruit better than all but 3 teams, and you never place in the top 5, and people talk you up regardless.
  16. Don't you know the derivation of the term "fair weather fans" they probably found a more successful team in an unrelated sport they know nothing about.
  17. I like that they are running with it. Administration must be supportive.
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