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  1. yeah thats an impressive resumé. Iowa is just so high profile and visible you expect them to hire HUGE name coaches. There is no good reason to think that way but I do it anyway.
  2. Its not that he wrestled the worlds best guys its that his performance was awesome and he's shown huge signs of growth. Its exciting stuff.
  3. Iowa always puzzles me with their coaching decisions. Though I have no idea wha they were founded on or how well any of them worked out so no one should really care.
  4. I didn't make anything up. There were guys out there who woulda beaten him, ending his ridiculous reign at #1 Overall. The part of it I didn't mean was that I judge him for it. Its not his job to run down all the best kids in the country.
  5. Top notch coaching is not a guarantee. Zeke's outstanding performance as the national team coach is not relevant to being a college head coach.
  6. I really shouldn't have said lucky. To rephrase, "I'll be shocked if Gadson ever comes close to beating him again".
  7. I was surprised to come out of the trials having realized Snyder is just obviously better than Varner. Gadson got lucky.
  8. halfway point of a molinero match at about the 27:00 minute mark
  9. those are both mats, i'm gonna start scrolling around in a few minutes, let me know if you guys find him and where of course.
  10. coach J, ....wild turkey knows almost nothing about wrestling, has multiple syndromes, and is incapable of contributing himself. Just because he is handicapped it doesn't mean you can lash out at him.
  11. i don't care about lopez but i love how well spoken these british announcers are.
  12. or wait.....he might have been winning by virtue of gomez being cautioned. I believe they both had all twos and last point only comes into play with identical scoring
  13. metcalf was winning 8-8 by virtue of the last point scored
  14. Anyone who saw the match knows survival wasn't on Metcalfs mind.
  15. I'm not gonna make jokes about her nasty snatch single.
  16. how do we figure out when the men are wrestling? I feel like a heel asking but I gotta plan my day
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