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  1. What are guys awesome at that people don't seem to point out... Metcalfs Defense With Hips Dieringers Defense with his Head David Taylor's Dresser dump Tomasello's KNEE PULL (we are in an era where people think saying 'lefty high crotch' makes you sound smart...even if the guy is a left leg lead) Any other moves taken for granted out there...
  2. The Gilman Ramos cycle, "Impress Moderately, run your mouth excessively, get embarrassed."
  3. since they do less with more than anyone and they have put out line ups of exclusively #1 ranked wrestlers coming out of high school....I am guessing they can lock up a title if they they get the top four guys at every weight in a single year.
  4. Everyone was on pins and needles waiting for this penny to drop.
  5. pyles likes to pretend he predicted everything....
  6. Why does he always get pneumonia and the flu at this tournament!
  7. the way marstellar's body is proportioned....he might be unrecognized as the worlds largest dwarf.
  8. how are you gonna write a post like that and not like mine?
  9. He was accidentally killed by a game warden at a super market.
  10. This will be a lightening rod for hype worshipping morons.....
  11. Are people confusing the words "relevant" and "cool"?
  12. I'm pretty sure mark hall beat him.
  13. you guys think he is gonna stay with Klimara on his OSU visit?
  14. No I think they recruit just fine. Frankly my feeling is they try to develop a few kids and blow off everyone else. No reason to think that really just a guess.
  15. As a troll you have to be slightly funny or no one cares.
  16. Nebraska is always top ten and never top three. There is something wrong/right about that program.
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