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  1. there is no evidence fix is gonna win NCAAs. awful comparison. the amazing thing about snyder is that winning the NCAA tournament is an after thought
  2. You're saying PSU isn't fully funded? Nick Suriano is entitled to free college? Nick Suriano couldn't have gotten a full scholarship?
  3. The concept of conceding a year is kinda pointless if PSU is gonna recruit like this...
  4. spare me this tripe about Hall going undefeated. He didn't exactly Waltz through ncaas.
  5. i really superficial one. Catch Fix on a high note, HE'S AMAZING. Luke Karam beats him, HE SUCKS. Blatant bandwagon garbage, nothing to do with the sport.
  6. i think Iowa develops their guys better than OSU. (OSU recruits 3X better)
  7. Gallan, you think Z got tired? forgive me if this has been brought up yet
  8. its also worth noting that cael couldn't collar tie gutches because his elbows were so nasty. So, not an excuse for cael, but its pretty impressive he was that effective without the use of his best tie. i should say collar tie him gratuitously. He got on his head some but not like normal.
  9. has anyone floated the crazy dad theory yet for surianos transfer....
  10. to be honest i don't know what is sketchier, PSUs $ or tOSU's supposed lack of it....
  11. Like most trump supporters, you mistake the presence of integrity for a lack of intellect....
  12. so is this a weak russian team? thats what i'm getting...
  13. Wrestlers, refs and rules are all imperfect. These things are to be expected, not just simplified away.
  14. I would settle it by saying it correlates better than anything else and leave it at that.
  15. His head was trapped. Anyway you are correct, the fact that the matched caused a rule change implies pretty strongly that the call was correct, it just happened to leave a lot of people irked.
  16. someone asked in another topic, thought i would reiterate.
  17. do you know the officials name? Talked to him about it?
  18. that would be true if trump was actually conservative....or had any politics beyond self promotion.(two posts above)
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