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  1. they'd better not dick over welch
  2. st john looks like he is in agonizing pain already
  3. We shouldn't be so critical but the broadcast seems so professional sometimes and so amateur at others.
  4. You didn't think Casber's USA chant was authentic?
  5. what are they challenging? Whether stroker was really hurt?
  6. alright now i am frozen up and can't get it back
  7. it has about twice for me, started it over
  8. Casber and sparks need to go into different lines of work. Don't call him an Iowan the PA morons will get offended.
  9. This is a pretty dumb question. Would wrestling fans advocate another sport? You can't phrase it coherently in the space of a sentence.
  10. How about a hot chick has to choose a wrestler between periods
  11. must listen. Share it on Facebook
  12. I heard a few people claim Retherford is no longer a 141...
  13. I was interested to find this out
  14. Has anyone put together the time they appear on those links? Not that someone should have for my benefit but normally some gentile soul does.
  15. I don't know if it's stalling but people who stall certainly do it a lot. If Evans could bend his legs he would have been on one knee.
  16. I don't know which characterization is more disingenuous
  17. Just because Illinois is great at developing Freestyle and greco wrestlers, is doesn't mean their population base is big enough to supply the raw talent necessary to have a butt load of D1 All Americans. If the best program in a state is a small school, it will still often lose to schools who have six times as many students.
  18. He thought it was best for the athletes he redshirted. Thats the only reason that makes sense, and it's good enough for me if i take my "fan mentality" hat off.
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