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  1. I'd give to edge to Burroughs Tsargush just because people (like me!) HATED Tsargush.
  2. It illustrates the importance of nabbing top 5 recruits. Obviously people who aren't top 5 punch through, but its a longer road to an individual title if you don't get them regularly.
  3. want to see america bashing get on the thread where i predicted Zain would win it.
  4. Well, Brands' might not want to give them a huge home crowd. Frankly it might some sorta hold over from the antiquated idea that Iowa needs to monopolize recruiting within the state, so they don't want to condescend to UNI and up their street cred.
  5. i say no. He tends to cycle between success and failure, and he has been quite successful lately.
  6. thats a tepid endorsement if I ever heard one.
  7. I know herbert pinned him at Big Tens. did they meet at NCAAs?
  8. First of all atheism isn't a belief structure, so you can't believe in it. But Angry Fish, even if what you are asserting is true, are you saying its bad? A team with divergent value structures is guaranteed to struggle. Sanderson also hired his own brother, thus avoiding a lot of the dramatic dysfunction of other coaching staffs, should we slam him for that.
  9. You seem to be asserting that Cael thinks there is a moral superiority to theism. I think that is ridiculous, he is way more machiavellian than that. He'd recruit Richard Dawkins if he thought it would build the program.
  10. Is Mark Hall better off at the OTC? Maybe if he wants to quit folk. I don't buy it. the manville thing is old news.
  11. ok so suriano is out, I assume I should presume either a light weight or someone from NJ....Cassar is leaving?
  12. oh come on that was my PD2 imitation. You know my insults don't sound like that.
  13. excuse was that supposed to be "I am pretty sure he isn't Catholic" uppercase C? i forget the difference
  14. how lonely are you people who start topics just to tell everyone you know something that you can't tell em.
  15. almost started a similar topic, but Iowa has a very transparent campaign going on to seem more..."human". Obviously inspired by PSU.
  16. so you have resorted to googling my handle so you can grasp at obscure insults....
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