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  1. he wasn't undefeated...oh oops, JB said D1, so i was off with my pick. ...CAEL is the worst one!
  2. I'll spin it this way. Snyder didn't get pushed to the brink the way Retherford was twice last year, or anything close to that. So he is obviously more dominant.
  3. Has retherford ever been banned from a mall? That would be a good criteria.
  4. my bad, thanks. I thought hodge started even later, wasn't Ironside one of the first recipients.
  5. Where do you live snowflake I am driving there now!
  6. I guy with no legs and 9 losses won the award. Those criteria are a farce.
  7. if you live in semantics your life is going to be very frustrating.
  8. its the fact that he has to compete with the best wrestler on earth....and isn't in the top 50....and the award is best wrestler....
  9. haven't mastered being literal or sarcastic yet i see....
  10. Iowa needs to shake off the junk confidence that comes with their singlet and embrace the ire of being an underdog. A dogfight with rutgers could aid that transition.
  11. I guess the wifi wasn't good enough at the opens for him to take his tests.
  12. i can't wait for you to actually start watching the matches before commenting on them.
  13. They need a one point escape chain before they start a pin chain, and after watching them against CSU and Kent State, they might want to consider implementing some technique to get said pins. Snyder is basically just strangling kids to death and rolling them over.
  14. I started a topic praising Mckee bozo. I just thought I'd make you look dumb for defending the program without thinking. PS, i know the technique. It's not voodoo, or so weird that Mckee should be taken down with it a half dozen times in 2 matches.
  15. Flo's attention to people trying to learn technique has gotten worse as time went on. frankly I thought they were trying to drive away the technique demographic over the past year.
  16. The only person who punches people for not wearing iowa clothing is gilman
  17. The great thing about PD3 is that nothing is above or beneath his dignity. Why the topic, am I not up on current events? No 2nd semester shenanigans?
  18. Still shame on the staff. Brock got taken down three times with the same shrug, which you couldn't blame the staff for....unless he nailed it with him twice in the scuffle SEMIs. Looks more too me like nothing was the priority...
  19. while we are snearing at gables legacy in favor of yarygin, which one was on an enormous of steroids?
  20. when you put ellipses (...) before, "LOL", you tip everyone off that you are pretending to laugh at your own joke.
  21. yeah a dual they got beat by 30 in is way more important to Mckee than a world title, you make great points.
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