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  1. Whining and posing as some sort of ambiguous moral authority is so much fun!
  2. Some people are simply dreadful at titling threads.....
  3. In times square?Beat the Streets?
  4. nothing wrong with what metcalf did
  5. "I don't think you could have scripted it...this good"
  6. i thought they yelled stalling when they were nervous
  7. did something happen? Why the silence when metcalf entered?
  8. oh no that psycho got the mic again!
  9. How did cejudo not expose, that was amazing
  10. was that our first 4 of the night?
  11. I wouldn't think so, Cejudo is much older
  12. I am praying for Ramos, whom i don't like at all.
  13. no he didn't say "brother" or creep me out once.
  14. they think he was on the mat defending a shot
  15. Nice on the attendance. That was a cool pushout, no joke.
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