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  1. I've been to worlds 3 times, how about yourself?
  2. First of all, I am glad there is someone on this forum cool enough to crap on someone for making a bold prediction. I think he is gonna be a multiple world champ. He improves constantly, his style is air tight, and its gonna translate.
  3. I don't know if I am the first but I am calling it.
  4. the person who invented the sport can't logically be a prospect......
  5. I think people mostly get tied up in this drama because of team affiliation. The fact that Gilman basically stepped in as the 2nd coming of Tony Ramos made his act kinda tired too. I think peoples feelings about him are gonna soften big time.
  6. or what they make up to kick him while he is down.
  7. I think his sponsors negate his eligibility. Not sure if he could compete without a scholarship or not. But regardless there is no reason to think he is gonna make some change of policy because he took a loss. In fact the whole point of this topic is to imply he is some sort of failure.
  8. How do you know he couldn't hack it academically? Your totally out of line, and obviously you don't wish him the best.
  9. its almost like when these kids get a break and go home a bunch of losers see them, feel important for the first time ever, and start making stuff up.....
  10. i say yes. cael was the most beautiful, snyder is the best.
  11. wow you paraphrased a match and then said you were interested to see snyder wrestle sadulaev! Great post.
  12. you guys are ignoring the fact that Dake has closed the gap dramatically. I think its because he is now large for the weight, but regardless, all these smug remarks are pretty lame.
  13. has trolling reached the point where we have people impersonating peoples parents?
  14. I think his application error was sending it to the wrong school.
  15. That doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing to say. You're one of those people who admire paris hilton obviously.
  16. very foolish to brag about something that can't be proven or disproven, particularly if its a mystery because of the bragger.
  17. ok so you're one of those people who thinks if they keep talking they get to win the argument. good luck buddy.
  18. no actually you are saying Snyder can't get gutted.....so who is saying someone is superhuman?
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