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  1. from a physical standpoint alone it will be a completely different match. JO will be further over the hill and zane will be probably close to the ideal size. Also I have no faith in that RTC's ability to develop talent.
  2. wow in the atemporal theory of wrestling this video means a lot.
  3. You must be a titan of the whining world.
  4. oh my bad. Yeah sorry wrestlingnerd huge brainfart on my part. I honestly consider snyder like a special guest star/novelty act as opposed to a participant. stick by my multiple world champ claim though.
  5. your response had nothing to do with my post at all. It also made no sense in general.
  6. I am. I think he is a multiple world champ eventually. Will have Best Career of anyone in college right now.
  7. they still called him cael when he was at Iowa city and was a fairly pedestrian head coach.
  8. this is the most pathetic thing ever written on this forum
  9. Since Koll obviously destroys all aspects of coaching, this topic and your bizarre characterization of Koll is officially just another lame backhanded shot at Cornell.
  10. For Willie Boys clarification....I was being sarcastic.
  11. GoWrestle is a great example of the 3 reasons why people who throw around the word "classy" are annoying. 1) they are always inarticulate and boring (probably dumb). 2) they are obviously full of themselves because they think people are sitting around waiting for their lame compliments. 3) They have no balls. You came on here to compliment a universally admired wrestler (no ones cares), and bash the other 30 guys on his team (bold move needs to be substantiated), but you're too lame to reveal what you are even talking about. PS you can't google whatever nonsense you are talking about.
  12. I, for the record, am not a Cornell wrestler. I was recruited aggressively for my lack of class, but I had to miss too many eagles games and stayed home.
  13. it means gowrestle is a dork.
  14. wonderfully disguised cornell bashing....
  15. some of you need to recognize a con artist when you see it.
  16. this is the funniest post i have ever seen
  17. is this thread advocating bringing zalesky back or trying to prove that life isn't fair?
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