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  1. what about strength of schedule.....
  2. The guys who fail because they have no character don't deserve to be mourned. Especially not more than the anonymous back ups none of us can name.
  3. The beef is PA morons think there is something special in their water.
  4. you people are pathetic, anything short of holocaust denial makes people a class act these days. The word used to mean something.
  5. why did he have so few matches this year then...
  6. It was funny. a few flashy recruits will dispel such threads though
  7. jeske over waters. Waters ain't making the finals
  8. a guy who puts injured in parentheses, and then drops that a wrestler from his team is likely injured because he "doesn't look the same" deserves to be trolled.
  9. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251862-2015-Southern-Scuffle/video/755815-165lbs-Finals-Alex-Dieringer-Oklahoma-State-vs-Nick-Sulzer-UVA#.VQYGZUL_QS0 found it 5:40
  10. Guys this is super specific, but I remember Alex Derringer hitting an awesome re shot on sulzer for a TD, and I watched the All star match and scuffle final and can't seem to find it! He caught in underhook and blocked the far knee but he did it while Sulzer was basically on the ground, anyone else remember this it's driving me nuts
  11. they think picking favorites is the same as being smart...
  12. how depressed would you be if Arsen Fadzeav was on here posting....I would troll him
  13. The great thing about him is he will be looking for a big move if he is up by a bunch.
  14. Bo will break before Palacio does. Neither one is soft, but Jordan slows down towards the end of matches, Palacio does not. Bo might be just too good but palacio breaking is not in the cards.
  15. does it matter to any of you that the map is totally meaningless....
  16. Bo seems like he would be almost impossible to rattle, which is great, but some guys like that make mistakes kinda casually. He probably gets away with that in the room every time. (This was intended as a very small observation)
  17. You're probably right, HWY is the only weight where they're all buddies.
  18. Your post will stay stupid no matter how well or poorly he performs.
  19. Why don't you stop towing the party line for three seconds and enjoy the sport. The guys wrestles as hard as anyone in the NCAA and you're sneering at him for it.
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