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  1. larry owings has a head to head over dan gable. Dean is a lot closer to gable than PD is to owings.
  2. no one has to make excuses for him. PD3 can go undefeated next year, and he still wouldn't be Gabe Dean.
  3. yeah but would you find a buddy who will....
  4. that is true, and actually its a vast overstatement, its more like 1/100th.
  5. it says 6-6 in the picture! LOL can you read!
  6. its about time someone put Big10Fanboy in his place!
  7. so i've asked this before, i'm still an idiot if Retherford medals right?
  8. the score is tied in that picture, and the match isn't over yet stupid
  9. you are angrily confronting people for supporting Pat Downey for the sole reason that he is a hawkeye.....but your tag clearly states that you yourself are a mindless homer (your posts bare this interpretation as well). So basically, you celebrate what you detest.
  10. Well you already admitted to being a thoughtless front runner so why are you pointing it out
  11. do you ever type in tbars password by accident?
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