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  1. idk he gave up a lot or TDs against the tOSU kid who is nowhere near deserving a hodge.
  2. that wasn't a meltdown. Kolat didn't really quit he just couldn't move. A meltdown is when someone mentally breaks for no reason.
  3. i don't know what that means. What I meant is that Lizak wasn't ever mentally in the match. His lead shell shocked him.
  4. its mental dude, he wasn't that tired.
  5. psu fans like to change the subjeck
  6. if lizak had actually been trying to score it wouldn't have been an issue. Ref should have DQ'd him
  7. that wasn't his gas tank, it was his identity. No way he was that tired.
  8. most optimistic possible prediction
  9. It seems like a lot but I can only remember Realbuto and matthews off the top of my head.
  10. he is duct taping himself to fighter jet as we speak.
  11. self satisfaction combined cliches combined with stupidity are a really bad combo.
  12. no way TBar would endorse something useless and superficial
  13. you don't bet wrestling like this you morons. Its an odds sport.
  14. yeah thats a good point. I guess am just assuming Hall will have a harder time developing. Suriano is gonna have a better career i think.
  15. No, I don't. Your fan mentality has overtaken your competitive spirit. You think reputation is more important than substance.
  16. and to answer your question before positing my own, you are congratulating someone for not hiding.
  17. if they had declined the match to protect their reputations would that be bad or neutral or good?
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