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  1. Tom Ryan, J Rob, John Smith, Flynn....when are we going to stop letting these monsters victimize their athletes by letting them wrestle in the NCAA TOURNAMENT!
  2. I didn't say he isn't good I said he isn't great. Thats an enormously important distinction. They have a lot of talent and i'm not amazed with how much they do with it. Guys like Courts, Martin I consider to be heavy underachievers. The team on the whole isn't strong at getting bonus points. It's really just a lot of little things that make me push back against the idea that they are an amazing program.
  3. Obviously you're not 80, your "save the children!" mentality gave that away.
  4. Just like Gable has never recovered from Randy Lewis' horrific 7th place finish his senior year. We're not talking about a high school kid.
  5. I don't think Ryan is a great in-the-room coach, or anyone at tOSU for that matter, but he's obviously an administrative BEAST. No way he is on the line in any way.
  6. as cheesy as that article was, I believe it. The haphazard way Stieber showed up for that match, at the very very least, made it obvious he wasn't getting pushed out there.
  7. Has anyone yet said "Another Zack Beitz the dust"
  8. supposedly he's not susceptible to further injury (based on the previous one)
  9. http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-wrestl/recaps/011312aab.html my bad. I remembered this dual. Guess evans turned him and I remembered a fall.
  10. ok so you're too naive/posturing to talk to...
  11. It's why Kindig did. Stieber went out there to beat beitz and get his team a co-title. (at LU Alum)
  12. A multiple all-star match participant and a #2 ranked wrestler........
  13. Hadn't seen anything on the subject...
  14. Well I won't be jumping down anyones throat about his dark horse status thats for sure.
  15. didn't know that so no leg to stand on for me(you mean ness pinned Buto right?). However, I would rather wrestle a guy i knew I could pin, or beat on toughness.
  16. Should Bo have given up a wrist or should isaac have let him out? I don't mind you advocating a double stalling call, or saying "hit somebody" for that matter, but its kinda tricky naming the person to hit. We seem to want stalling calls but the refs we hate are the ones affect the match. I see you're point but it was obvious to me that both were trying very hard to win the match.
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