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  1. Actually he said he was going to get off the mat as fast as possible.......and at the US Open no one waits in the finals......get a clue.
  2. thats just a bunch of pseudo intellectual BS Dieringer is good/strong enough to not get teched by dake.
  3. I feel bad asking, how many did the HWC have wrestling in seniors? No Gilman?
  4. The most annoying thing about TBar is he transparently doesn't care for or know anything about the sport. He admits it in posts such as above.
  5. You can't jam your palms into someones nose. This rules makes sense and his necessary. You must be able to palm your opponents forehead, it is not harmful and tactically essentially in some situations. Zain Retherford being cautioned for palming the head, which he uses to relentlessly control the mat, match, and set up leg attacks is an atrocity. .
  6. well my post wasn't about bigotry so i'll take it.
  7. Taylor got a lot of calls like that. Referees are very insecure people and I think its reflected in their desire to change matches, and ingratiate themselves to popular people.
  8. That would be almost as dumb as this discussion.
  9. Penn state and Iowa are institutions not people. Making long term value judgements about these scandals is for idiots.
  10. his left arm was tucked in. I don't think that is a correct interpretation of being closed however.
  11. not if it takes you 2 hours to see that ten seconds
  12. Tbar, whatever your feelings on that match are, I will co-sign. that was a crime.
  13. don't be a jerk Hawk. Megalaudis doesn't deserve your sneers..........Plus he's better than Gilman!
  14. Dieringer got pushed by marstellar and valencia. Something seems off to me. But yeah Dake might be underrated at this point, which seems ridiculous but its certainly possible.
  15. give me one example of someone questioning his ability. The guy isn't entitled to 100% support from the wrestling public. He's one of the best americans ever by universal consensus.
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