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  1. Well you already admitted to being a thoughtless front runner so why are you pointing it out
  2. do you ever type in tbars password by accident?
  3. yeah...but teams with 4 possible finalists sometimes get 5 champs....
  4. Hey PD2, i tried to bait you by referencing who PD3 is never in shape, why no love for me?
  5. https://www.takanamidowntown.com/from-the-sushi-bar
  6. If he gets in shape will his body be able to handle it? It might get confused and explode his kidneys or something.
  7. Guys please don't just say your favorite wrestlers nickname, i'll get mad and ruin my own topic.
  8. yeah he is involved in a lot debacles
  9. idk, remember Nickerson was Nickerdoodles
  10. In an effort to...unruin the forum, whats everyones favorite nicknames given to wrestlers? Paul Bradley / Stall Bradley Phil Davis / Side Show Bob Lincoln McIlravy's kids team name / The Mulletitia those pop to mind for me
  11. yeah its all good, i just didn't want to be accused of running the kid down.
  12. i heard he went to the refrigerator for a sandwich and forgot to decide.
  13. People think he need more international experience, but he barely lets anyone touch him at all so i think that helps.
  14. i have no idea if it affected the justice system. I just thought if what i heard was accurate he was lucky he didn't do time.
  15. Didn't he fight cops and ER workers? You don't think someone should do time for that?
  16. I am not really that confident, but why not fake it! I can brag more if I'm right and I care more about him losing than I do about my reputations on here.
  17. Yeah but it is enough to debunk the idea that Suriano was backed into a corner by his dearth of practice partners.
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