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  1. i heard he went to the refrigerator for a sandwich and forgot to decide.
  2. People think he need more international experience, but he barely lets anyone touch him at all so i think that helps.
  3. i have no idea if it affected the justice system. I just thought if what i heard was accurate he was lucky he didn't do time.
  4. Didn't he fight cops and ER workers? You don't think someone should do time for that?
  5. I am not really that confident, but why not fake it! I can brag more if I'm right and I care more about him losing than I do about my reputations on here.
  6. Yeah but it is enough to debunk the idea that Suriano was backed into a corner by his dearth of practice partners.
  7. another dumb thing about his topic, aside from Tbar lying to try to fit in, is the fact that it doesn't fit the definition of "anti-hero". An anti hero is an unconventional protagonist, not someone who loses in painful ways.
  8. Thats definitely something you made up are you trying to destroy the human language by validating all your meaningless posts?
  9. let me know when i resort to recycling boring articles no one reads
  10. has it been brought up that everyone being under one roof isn't fiscally realistic?
  11. Its not even a knock on them as people or the program. In high school, with developing kids, the coaches first concern should be culture. Cael is coaching grown men though, they should be expected to handle it.
  12. I'd heard about the dad, whatever had to be said it's not like cael is gonna let him into practice or something. It's obviously best for the program, because programs at that level are about winning, and he'll help them win. The people who think him leaving is ultimately good for the program are the people who think cael is the wrestling equivalent of willy Wonka, and one bad oompa loompa will poison the special sauce. Cael is a savy guy who does what he has to do for the program, including letting the team chemistry take a hit for another national champ.
  13. Does this mean that him coming back isn't bad for PSU in the long run anymore?
  14. no he doesn't know. Its amazing how these PSU have no balls when they aren't favored by galactic margins...
  15. after saduleav has a cow injected into his butt...
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