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  1. Minnesota i weird, they peak as freshmen and never get better. Imma start a topic!
  2. The Derringer bandwagon is slightly exaggerated.
  3. yeah thats because you have that stupid wisconsin logo as your avatar
  4. Has snyder proven he can beat Cox? when? In High school? In Greco?
  5. tOSU should just play it safe and wait till next year. Their sophomores will be really good.
  6. Cornell is obviously the best. Missouri does very well. OSU and tOSU are very unimpressive. Northwestern gets much too much credit for their coaching. I think they are very poor.
  7. I think so. I actually think Jordan is gonna beat Dieringer. He doesn't make many mistakes, and he rides a cheesy cross body thats really hard to get away from (which i consider a hairs breadth from stalling but he's turning guys so that doesn't make much sense i guess). These things kinda impede his bonus point potential against top guys (for now he's just a freshman), but it makes him a tough nut to crack. Basically, there are no easy points scored against him, which goes a long way at the national tournament. He's also the only guy who might be as strong as dieringer.
  8. Its not 100% of the explanation but don't underestimate the importance of attitude. That dirty move was the light at the end of the tunnel for him.
  9. The guy is so fast twitch its probably all put impossible for him to go out and put out a Mark Ironside esc performance. Thats not what I am asking of him....but if I am gonna criticize the guy I should point that out.
  10. i'm pretty sure they were posting under "okiespladle" and "orangeandblack" and all those other idiots who disappeared the second Minny took over.
  11. I'll say this, i've never had announcers turn me against a team mid dual.
  12. People don't really care about the smaller cox when there are big cox around.
  13. I'm not saying he isn't tough compared to some guy sitting around at starbucks, I'm talking about being a national champion.
  14. I've never seen mcutcheon before. Is he small for the weight? Looks like kind of a chubby little devil compared to pfarr
  15. He was sitting behind storley pinching his ankles together.
  16. stall warning against brown absolutely appropriate. Announcer looking like an idiot.
  17. we need to stop talking about him he is hijacking the topic
  18. I'm trying to get my post count back up don't ruin it.
  19. If he is gonna act like a clown, he could at least be funny, not just smug.
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