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  1. Dardanes majors moss Announcer whining, mark ironside almost attacked him at big tens once, i would love if they announced side by side. That would be better than the dual
  2. Gulibon outwrestled dardaness completely for 6:30. took about 12 legit shots to dardanes 2, Then kinda settled in and promptly was taken down.
  3. the PSU guy is announcing, the loud guy who is sometimes annoying. Real rough pull for minnesota starting at 133, gulibon is all over dardanes.
  4. Starting at 133....anyone want me to post the match results?
  5. I would like to add that I am extremely cautious about throwing around lame generalizations about toughness. James Green is probably tougher than me, but if you have to talk about the holes in his wrestling, his problem is that he quits. It's obvious. People talking about his technique on bottom are missing the point completely.
  6. I know tOSU has lost a lot of close duals and OSU has Eric Guerrero and Northwestern is a little too well dressed, but really who is the winner?
  7. I have read no posts in this topic but feel compelled to say Mcmullan did nothing wrong at all.
  8. So you agree to disagree with a loathsome troll like me thanks.
  9. Here comes MSU to tell you its illegal to say he has a better gas tank.......
  10. Well if thats your way of saying you have wrestled, I am amazed at how naive you are about the difference between toughness and merely being skilled. You think a high school kid can't be tougher than a college one? Its like you think it's checkers or something.
  11. Are you sure you don't think he can beat the big 4 at 174 because they have been beating each other for so long?
  12. Green's good at wrestling but he's just not a very tough competitor by the standards of multiple AAs. You're right though the toughest guy doesn't always win, but i usually refuse to pick a soft guy if i think it's gonna be a competitive match. Have you ever wrestled?
  13. I just can't follow your logic, or find your conclusion.
  14. you forget green is not tough. Valencia is.
  15. OSU doesn't wrestle people with jammed fingers, how could they bump up their second best wrestler.
  16. There is no reason to think tOSU didn't hold on to those kids longer than they should have, but even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, this topic isn't "integrity: good or bad?" So don't compare PSU to OSU in terms of coaching.
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