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  1. why is stieber wrestling? He looked like he didn't know he was....
  2. Delgado just got passed up by a bunch of guys. He's not limited out there at all.
  3. Wrestling is body chess....though it's intended to be half fist fight also and this dynamic is 80/20.
  4. He was limited in some way, I don't know what.
  5. Maybe it's not diagnosable by a bunch of keyboard jockeys? (myself included)
  6. Normally he has a lot of attitude and pushes everyone around. Must have the flu....
  7. I think Kmart is gonna beat him easy
  8. I don't remember who jumped me for saying it, but...Green isn't tough.
  9. he looked lethargic to me. honestly i made the joke, but if someone told me flu i wouldn't believe it.
  10. Sorry for the record the Minnesota ceiling theory is still a cute little theory of mine, not a manifesto.
  11. Nick D just slammed into the Minnesota ceiling...
  12. He's a good one. I would have put him first had i thought of him
  13. if you watched Kelly Mascola you would know the answer.
  14. It's a wonder even john smith talked about it like it was a rebuilding year.
  15. I don't think he is more attacking than Dean, though I considered him on the basis of recklessness(which i make a point to admire).
  16. He was second in my mind. But I couldn't think of a match he attacked a lot.
  17. I did in the topic about his comments on the slam. Fudge Tunnel did not agree.
  18. The grease in Eric Guerrero's hair leaked into his eyes and he couldn't read the rules properly.
  19. Despite the fact that I pointed out that waters was a punk on other topics.....no one mentioned whatever you are referring to
  20. You're right about Tomasello Carter beats out Dardanes because he has a way more wide open style. If the question was who was more like a Brands, dardanes takes it.
  21. Na, his Moore placement is accurate. Don't mistake disappointment for lack of potential.
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