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  1. we definitely need more william faulkner references.
  2. Yeah you're right, let me put it this way....there is no point in bringing it up, so in that sense, it doesn't have anything to do with it.
  3. His teeth were disfigured beyond your usual kid with braces. I don't know why someone started this thread, but trying to spin it as "offensive" is ridiculous.
  4. Are you taking the rule changes into account? His Former MO was daring the refs to pin a national champ in neutral.
  5. I keep saying it, BTFB is the purest product of the self esteem movement.
  6. Clearly you have no personality and carry water for PSU all day.
  7. Saduleav has no technique, he's out of shape, the bridge of his nose is too small....
  8. You have to wonder what Tom and Terry's reaction to this was, I'd be disappointed if it was good.
  9. No you're extremely cowardly prediction was actually completely off.
  10. well nebraska likes two linger at #7 or so...so they probably aren't worried.
  11. Why? He's just a 36 year old kid and we can't crack a joke?
  12. Its probably already been said, but how pathetic is the "we aren't coming back" part.
  13. He smacked talked with no wit or humor, and with the smug assurance that there should only be one college allowed to wrestle in Iowa. Completely embarrassing. Dresser still isn't the good guy.
  14. a lot of these guys may have just not wanted to be that good.....
  15. I agree totally, I am just asking for comments on the concept being willfully marketed, and Iowas execution of the endeavor.
  16. As part of Iowas image reboot, they are tweeting out some...quasi-goofy shorts that I am sure most of you have seen. What do you guys think about em?
  17. You think if he goes down he will have conditioning issues, and if he goes up he'll have horsepower issues? Thats how I took that
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