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  1. 80% if Caels job has to come from a purely business perspective. I'm sure he played every card he had to keep suriano, including telling him he was gonna have to miss a year. If thats the case, which is likely, you can't blame Cael not going back on what he said. The word "precedent" has been thrown around, and sounds kind of lame, but the way PSU recruits they are gonna have some tough kids stuck on the bench, and he's gonna want those kids around, not thinking they can feel out PSU and then hit the road if the can't make the lineup.
  2. The joke is the assertion that cael gets blamed for everything. You and TBar live vicariously through Cael, you clearly think he/you should be beyond criticism. What could be more entitled than thinking you are beyond criticism?
  3. still anxious to find out if this meant something or was just an attempt to make PSU fans looks like whiny entitled children.
  4. If you don't speak english i can't respond. do you have a core concept about this controversy to relate?
  5. so you agree with pinnum? What have you been complaining about all day?
  6. it is the issue, stop denying it please. You look ridiculous.
  7. Nick Suriano sitting is 100% the issue. You're just pretending its not because you belong to the former of the thoughtless groups you referenced.
  8. if you are willing to admit your just on here whining i don't have much else to say.
  9. Thats not an argument. What you are saying is just whining about the pressures of being a high profile program. I repeat, being upset doesn't make you right.
  10. If they cared about doing the right thing, "pleading with the conference" would not be an issue. Wrestling at this level is a business though, cael thinks its his job to play hardball. I don't condemn him for it, just can't stand people sticking their heads in the sand.
  11. well there goes the "you can't say cael is doing the wrong thing because I made up something about how you like it when other people don't get releases and no one has ever gotten a release before and Cael is perfect shut up" argument championed by the PSU sheep.
  12. thats half the problem, the other half is the herd of sheeple on here fighting a childish war to not admit that this is a black mark on Caels reputation.
  13. gable was a world champ, and didn't have the benefit of wrestling a cuban in the olympics....
  14. here is sammie henson, representing clemson, knocking off chad zaputil, 3x Finalist, who wrestled with Tom Brands, Terry Brands, and i believe Barry Davis in in the room. Thats three olympic medalists.
  15. just because he doesn't have those advantages it doesn't mean he will be 75% diminished, or diminished at all. If the atmosphere was a problem for him that stuff can do as much harm as good. Wrestling programs aren't factories, they are tools that student athletes either take advantage of or don't.
  16. that sounds very naive. Either its impossible for Suriano to be fully released, or Cael has something to do with it. i don't believe cael went to bat for the kid only to be shut down by a stingy administration. For the record, if cael comes out and says he tried to get suriano released without penalty i'll take his word for it.
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