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  1. you forget green is not tough. Valencia is.
  2. OSU doesn't wrestle people with jammed fingers, how could they bump up their second best wrestler.
  3. There is no reason to think tOSU didn't hold on to those kids longer than they should have, but even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, this topic isn't "integrity: good or bad?" So don't compare PSU to OSU in terms of coaching.
  4. I don't know who will win. I know thats not much of a post.... Bojo will never major him. If you go into cruise control against nick moore you don't chase taylor walsh. He's just a freshmen though, he'll be blowing out top ten guys shortly.
  5. I hear it's how guerrero got marstellar to OSU
  6. What if cael starts mouthing off to the ref?
  7. Didn't they kick off or recruit over all those kids? How is that a credit to the program?
  8. They've had some great recruits that they didn't have the culture to control.
  9. I've been saying it for more than a year, their coaching staff is phenomenally overrated. Is it great place to train freestyle? Yes. Because of coaches? No. Practice partners yes.
  10. People who throw around the "benefit of the doubt" are always defending a call they don't believe was correct. It's not about abstract thought, its making the right call. I don't mind that the wrong call may have been made in this case, it happens, but I don't appreciate people saying that its appropriate to make the wrong call.
  11. We are way more likely to know about an injury than the academics, disciplinary issues or weight.
  12. i just noticed the title of this topic says the indiana coaches pull boners.
  13. people don't keep injuries secret this long.
  14. Well he didn't take him down dope
  15. he even tried to cover up with an apocryphal photo...
  16. man he does look pinned from there...to bad i've seen the reverse angle.
  17. how bad would OSU be if they didn't get pablo klimara back on the team.
  18. gable pinned 24 guys in a row. Just a bit of trivia.
  19. Anyone saying it was please produce a screen shot.
  20. For the record, Harger TF Walsh 15-0. Wonder how many times someone in the space of a season has gone LBF LBF WBTF against a common opponent.
  21. So you are saying it's ok for the refs in carver to screw the visiting team?
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