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  1. Tbar understands the sport from the perspective of a coach/wrestler less than any other poster.
  2. it doesn't look like he was...
  3. Heil already had to pull his kessel card
  4. i would say the james bond of the 80's.
  5. I kinda think of Zane as the poor mans Nato.
  6. i hate it when someone responds to a post of mine and they still don't understand the initial post.
  7. Hall would have been crazy to go to Nebraska. They get excellent talent and do an extremely modest amount with it.
  8. Btw.... watch how fast he pulled the trigger on Lewis. #Johnsmithhaspicturesofmeandgoats
  9. This and a burroughs tweet i saw concerning having the scuffle/midlands in the same place at the same time are the best ideas i've heard in awhile.
  10. i'm ready to start rooting for him
  11. hum................... The only rationale for when Cael redshirted Zain and co. was that he was doing whats best for the kids as individuals. Which was legitimate. If thats his rationale now why is suriano out there? He must really think they have it locked up already.
  12. My basis for picking Nickal by default is that Dudley quits. But I understand why people would think they are evenly matched.
  13. Could someone provide a match that shows why all these people are picking dudley?
  14. its obviously a grey area situation guys...anyone claiming sides has an axe to grind.
  15. well at least we have the two hyper extreme views
  16. This is why he got so pissed after the match with Terao. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1036797-as-requested-by-thomas-gilman-cross-face-from-terao-leads-to-late-match-antics Still not quite justified, he didn't take much more than a bicep to the face, but I generally don't speak very highly of him, and didn't in this case, but If I had seen that I wouldn't thought anyway of it.
  17. ref just made the correct call Levalle/Kutler
  18. he's watching a lot of film of john lockhardt
  19. outrageous He called a spastic random TD for Heil and then made dicamillo resubmits his forms in triplicate. He just comes off like he's trying to screw people over.
  20. I say without reservation that will be the most exciting lineup in college wrestling (PSU maybe).
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