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  1. just because he doesn't have those advantages it doesn't mean he will be 75% diminished, or diminished at all. If the atmosphere was a problem for him that stuff can do as much harm as good. Wrestling programs aren't factories, they are tools that student athletes either take advantage of or don't.
  2. that sounds very naive. Either its impossible for Suriano to be fully released, or Cael has something to do with it. i don't believe cael went to bat for the kid only to be shut down by a stingy administration. For the record, if cael comes out and says he tried to get suriano released without penalty i'll take his word for it.
  3. I don't think anyone says the rules are stupid, they just want to point out that Cael isn't as angelic as his more thoughtless fans would indicate.
  4. i guess my question is if today he is capable of doing a two hour weigh in at 125.
  5. So it seems like a long shot, but more likely if Fix is a legit 133, or its always possible he is just destroying everyone in the room and no one can bear to sit on him.
  6. Whose gonna slide in at 149? Collica is out right? But I guess they might think they sacrificing two favorite to get a hopeful finalist in the lineup.... Also is Fix really a 125? Whens his last two hour weigh in?
  7. ok whatever I can't respond to gibberish. I'll restate my core complaint: I resent people who are bent on twisting this event into pro-PSU propaganda.
  8. well now you've got two real quotes of mine and made no sense still.
  9. did you just argue with me by quoting someone i didn't say? Thats one of the stupidest things i've ever seen on the internet....
  10. I'm glad the real story is so incredibly simple, it's all surianos fault! Thats so convenient normally life is so complicated!
  11. Well if Jim Heffernan is responsible for jered cortez missing a year then jim heffernan is responsible for jered cortez missing a year. I can't stand people who argue by comparison/with emotion.
  12. oh wait, hold the phone, stop the clock, BigtenFanboy disagrees! The self proclaimed thoughtless sycophant of by far the most dominant conference, not even team, has something to say. I'm all ears....
  13. because he didn't go in conference? yeah sorry missed that first time around.
  14. what changes is suriano has to sit a year and taylor didnt, based on whats been said.
  15. don't believe it. You listed 10 random things that are likely true, and slid in the one fact you actually cared about. if you actually had any information pertaining to caels involvement the storyline wouldn't sound like that.
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