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  1. I can't believe this tripe about Dake not being in the B1G.....
  2. Frankly I thought Smith seemed a little soft on his team. To be frank again, he isn't as edgy as he used to be.
  3. Once during a match I bought the ref a vodka tonic and then he took off without saying a word. I was pissed.
  4. The thing about dake which makes him a constant underdog, is that he is better at winning than he is at wrestling. Nathan Tomasello is a contemporary example of a kid who is, at this moment, better at wrestling than he is at winning.
  5. you were doing so well until you insisted on bring high schoolers into the discussion.......
  6. If you were an expert you're posts would be more informative/interesting. PS no one cares.
  7. maybe his teammates figured him out. He isn't extremely diverse.
  8. he has redshirted. I don't know if i am contradicting Plas or not.
  9. i just don't know who superold is. and it is kinda tacky to demand predictions of people, but i assumed otis was acting in good faith and i thought i could simplify the discussion.
  10. If one of the best wrestlers of all time moves into the weight above him, and tshirts doesn't care at all and moves into his weight and beats him every time they wrestle....almost.
  11. I have two beliefs about referees. 1) We are lucky to have them, because they perform an awful thankless service 2) you have to be mildly deranged psychologically to want to be one.
  12. You don't have to apologize. I really just preferred some concrete language. Its much more interesting and useful then trying to flush our the quality of his wins by degree, which i was doing as much as you were.
  13. forearm perpendicular to the ground, wrist cocked forward, fingers and thumb slapping against each other in a frivolous motion.
  14. They do home/away duals and have no relationship at all between the schools so they must love each other.
  15. Otis, you have been feverishly protecting against the implication (not statement) that Sorenson's impressive results were slightly mitigated by circumstances. Can we get a predication out of you for his NCAA performance? I want a specific placement. It's ok if it's wrong i am wrong all the time, but i'm not boring.
  16. Good point it never should have been. This idiotic attitude that some portions of wrestling must be labeled and sensationalized is childish.
  17. You're looking for complication where none exists
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