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  1. why do you make mean spirited comments against the kids iowa is wrestling?
  2. I'll give another perspective which is opposite and more valid than my first. He's ranked third. the kid is awesome, not everyone gets to be #1.
  3. His regression is on him. All this talk about Iowa and Blair, as if Tom Brands and Jeff Buxton hurt his wrestling, is ridiculous.
  4. 174 is just deeper than either one of those.
  5. tOSU isn't very well coached. Their staff is good, not great.
  6. Perhaps he made great decisions (which he did), but he is the problem and doesn't deserve to be the national champ. Being great a great bully isn't the same being a great wrester.
  7. Why do those two get bye's to the semi's? hardly seems fair.
  8. I'm amazed telford didn't work harder on top
  9. He's saying Ryan didn't jeopardize Hunter's health. I'm of the opinion Ryan wrestled him just so we wouldn't make fun of him for sitting him.
  10. Tom Ryan and Brands have to make out.
  11. I just checked you're correct. That is embarrassing.
  12. Iowa to lose twice and them to win once.
  13. what are you even talking about. Only one person can stall per day?
  14. evans takes it, brooks up now
  15. He didn't need an escape to win, he made the decision to speed up the match, which seemed like it would favor him.
  16. Houdashelt wouldn't sit behind a kid, pinching his knees together and knocking out his arms. The ref who called that a stalemate should be stoned.
  17. it was an illegal move i think. But I guess he didn't quite leave the mat entirely so it was probably alright.
  18. cause he was much better on his feet.
  19. Isaac put together an absolutely perfect match.
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