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  1. They should call it the "throw in a few clumsy cow-catchers" while wrestling borderline helpless opponents chain. If tOSU has ten AA's they'll win.
  2. By the time Thompson got pinned by Frishkorn, he was already notorious for showing up big in March. To my recollection, OSU fans were downright smug about it, so I think he was the favorite to a lot of people right up until Moore beat him.
  3. Jaggers and Thompson were still legit picks for favorite in November, its just that they would promptly take a bunch of bad losses. Heil is kinda odd because everyone was saying someone would beat him, but no one really seemed sure who. I, for one, consider Cenzo the favorite. You are talking about guys considered DOA five minutes after stepping off the podium right?
  4. Are we going down the Neil Patrick Harris rabbit hole?
  5. My main concern is that PSU is going to out coach tOSU drastically....Someone needs to get hurt....again.
  6. He's only been out of high school 9 years and he is on the verge of a bachelors already? He's a regular dugy houser.
  7. I think Waters and Gilman should have a wrestle off....
  8. there isn't any evidence Taylor isn't a horrible coach....
  9. I believe he won midlands (or something similar) and posted a dominant victory over a returning finalist. The cat was out of the bag.
  10. he should be. College wrestling needs to gravitate this way, if it makes the NCAAs more interesting, the fans will survive.
  11. sense the things your allude to make no sense....its probably impossible.
  13. You totally fabricated two idiotic statements out of thin air so you could argue against them, and you are still so far from making a point it's insane....
  14. Don't even get be started on all the things he's the worst at!
  15. Yeah...not every program can be in the top 5 but.....pathetic might be the word....
  16. Trump was blindsided by encountering someone more self absorbed than himself.
  17. This topic is gonna inspire my next one Richie Lewis is a world champion....List the reasons we still think he sucks
  18. he wasn't undefeated...oh oops, JB said D1, so i was off with my pick. ...CAEL is the worst one!
  19. I'll spin it this way. Snyder didn't get pushed to the brink the way Retherford was twice last year, or anything close to that. So he is obviously more dominant.
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